Lahaina, Maui History

The island of Lahaina, Maui is one of the most important in Hawaii’s history, as it was once its capital. King Kamehameha, a great warrior of Hawaii and the last king to unite all Hawaiian islands with his rule, established Lahaina as its new capital in 1802. He built a brick palace there and lived in it for 50 years until he finally relocated to Honolulu due to its harbor being more favorable than that of Lahaina’s port. It served this role from 1820 to 1845 and has remained an integral part of Hawaiian culture even after that period had passed.

When you think of Hawai’i, the first place that should come to mind is Lahaina. It translates from Hawaiian as “cruel sun” because it’s sunny and dry climate can be quite brutal on those who live here during the summer months. Spend some time exploring downtown nowadays or strolling through town at night if you want to experience what it means to be cruel under an unforgiving sky/sun.

Lahaina is the perfect spot to go if you want to experience what it was like in the whaling days. The town has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark and recorded on the National Register of Historic Places, so there are plenty of ways for tourists who love history to get their fix here! For those interested in more about Lahaina’s past, be sure to read up on Maui Museums Guide.

About Lahaina

Lahaina is the bustling metropolis of West Maui that encompasses both the Kaanapali and Kapalua beach resorts in its township. It has a population larger than any other city in all of Hawaii, so expect to find plenty of nightlife along its coast where many people gather on weekends for music shows or during summer months when fireworks fill up the skies over Lahaina Harbor Festival Park every Friday evening at sunset!

When you’re on your way to the airport, don’t forget that it takes about 40 minutes from Kahului Airport (OGG). And with traffic as bad as ours in Hawaii can be, there’s no telling how long this will take.

The summer tourist season in Lahaina is a time for many to make their way down the slow and winding roads of Maui, eager not only to explore all that this island paradise has to offer but also to escape from the blistering heat radiating through our nation’s mainland. There are plenty of activities available here year-round including surfing, snorkeling with whale sharks, or manta rays at Kealakekua Bay during winter months, taking part in traditional Hawaiian sports like outrigger canoe racing on Kamalii Beach just north of town.

The population can swell up towards 40 thousand people while nearly 2 million tourists visit annually – enough reason why you will surely want to book your accommodations early! The summer is the best time to visit Lahaina, for it brings with it an influx of tourists and a population boom.

You’ll find some of the most expensive real estate in Lahaina with many properties valued at over $2 million. With that said, it’s not just a place for millionaires to live; there are plenty of affordable homes available as well!

The population of Lahaina, Maui

Lahaina is a beautiful city with an abundance of rich culture. Its population has been steadily increasing ever since it was founded in 1831, and now sits at 12,776 people as of 2020. The most recent census revealed that the Lahaina region had 11,704 residents living there as well back in 2010 when they first took their count; however, this quickly changed to 13223 by 2017!

Lahaina’s Massive Banyan Tree

One of the most refreshing things you can do on a hot summer day is to cool down under one of America’s biggest banyan trees. The massive banyan tree in front of the Lahaina courthouse and harbor was planted in 1873. Imported from India, it stands more than 60-feet high and is almost as wide as a city block. If you’re in need of a quick cool down, then there’s no better place to seek refuge than the shade offered by this massive tree. Many fun events and interesting exhibits are held under this amazing venue.

Located in Maui, the Lahaina Art Galleries

Lahaina is the place to be if you are a lover of art. Here, visitors can find dozens of galleries that feature paintings by some of Hawaii’s most talented artists and other famous painters from around the world.

You can find many different types of art in Lahaina, such as handcrafted woodwork and jewelry. But if you’re looking for something more unique than those options, then make sure to check out the ceramics! The history of the town is preserved in its old whaling ships and even signs from long ago. This historic city has one of the world’s largest markets for scrimshaw, where locals can find beautifully carved ivory pieces that carry meaning to those who have lived off this trade since it was first established decades ago.

For the collector, Lahaina Printsellers is a must-stop for an eclectic range of maps and prints from centuries past. If you’re feeling more spontaneous in your search for that perfect Maui memento, don’t miss out on exploring some of Lahaina’s art galleries to find just what you’re looking for!

Lahaina Jodo Mission

The Lahaina Jodo Mission is a temple in Maui that was established to propagate Buddhism and provide an escape from the hustle of daily life. If you’re looking for some peace, go visit this serene destination!

Explore these peaceful grounds and you’ll discover a towering pagoda, an enormous bronze Buddha statue that is 12 feet high and 3 ½ tons. The temple was built as a replica of authentic Japanese Buddhist temples to commemorate the arrival of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii 100 years ago. It’s open for public viewing with contributions always welcome! Come and visit now!