Lahaina Restoration Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to preserving the rich history and culture of Hawai‘i since 1962. They are committed to preserving historical artifacts, reconstructing traditional buildings, and welcoming visitors from all over the world with open arms. Lahaina is a place of deep history, where guests can enjoy authentic Hawaiian culture and spend time with nature. In this small town on the island of Maui, visitors will find preserved buildings dating back to when Hawaiians first lived there centuries ago.

Lahaina Restoration Foundation (LRF) has been in operation since its inception, and the success of this nonprofit organization can be largely attributed to all of the members. The Lahaina Restoration Foundation’s Board of Directors has been selected because they are well-versed in a variety of fields. They each bring their own unique skill set to LRF, and every single one contributes immensely! On top of that, these individuals volunteer their time for free because they care about this organization so much.

The Lahaina Restoration Foundation has been restoring and preserving landmarks in the town of Lahaina for more than a decade. They have restored over 12 historic structures. The LRF is home to a collection of beautiful artifacts, photographs, and other materials that represent the history of Lahaina. The museum has been dedicated not only to preserving this rich past but also providing an exciting experience for visitors with different age ranges. These collections are available to the public exclusively via request.

The Lahaina Visitor Center is now open and available to the public! The new management by the LRF has led this beautiful historic building back to its original brilliance. Come see for yourself what makes this place a must-see in Maui County, Hawaii. The updated design features antique artifacts mixed with historic photographs and made on Maui gifts that fuse the past with present-day showings.

Stop by for a free talk about Lahaina, Maui, and Hawaii. We are friendly and unbiased people who live in the area with plenty of knowledge to share!

Come enjoy a different art scene with Lahaina. Meet the artists and find out how they create their work of art, view new pieces in progress or even finished works, and listen to some live music while you’re at it!

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