Maui is known as Hawaii’s most attractive island and only 9 miles from Maui. You can take the ferry from Lahaina or Lana’i to enjoy a completely different, but just as beautiful, Hawaiian experience. Visitors and residents alike love the island’s rugged beauty and tranquility. There’s not a single traffic light at Lana’i.

There are many things to do in Maui, whether you’re there for the stunning sunsets, whale watching, or beautiful beaches. We know you won’t be able do it all on your first or second trip. However, we have compiled a list of our top activities, based on our love of the outdoors and our desire to explore one the most beautiful islands in the world. We’d love to hear about any activities that we missed.

Haleakala is the highest point of Maui. It’s the largest dormant volcano on the planet and reaches an incredible 10,023 feet. This impressive peak attracts thousands of tourists each year. Although it may not be the most relaxing activity for vacationers, it is worth the effort. Take the scenic drive upcountry and cross the clouds to reach the summit in time to see the sunrise. Bring warm clothes, a camera, and lots of water. You must make a reservation at least two months in advance as this attraction is very popular and has limited parking. You can explore Haleakala National Park more by taking a hike to the crater. For those who want an added thrill, there are also bike tours that take you down.

The Road to Hana is a winding road with more than 600 turns and 50 single-lane bridges. It’s unlike any other driving experience. This drive takes you through lush Maui rainforest for 68 miles. It’s sure surprise even the most avid nature-lovers. You will enjoy hiking through bamboo forests, visiting organic fruit farmers, swimming in freshwater caverns, and enjoying the beauty of Hawaiian paradise. You can drive yourself or hire a guide to make it more relaxing.

Respect the land, culture and people. This is a fragile, sacred area. You can also turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. Half the adventure is in the sense of feeling and smelling the Road To Hana.

Half Day Dolphin + Snorkeling from Maui to Lanaī | Lahaina, Maui

It doesn’t get any better than this when dolphin-watching and snorkeling are packed into one trip. For those who want a quick but memorable day adventure on the water, there’s no better choice.

Full Day Dolphin + Snorkeling from Maui to Lanaī | Lahaina, Maui

Get up close and wild with some of the ocean’s most breathtaking creatures this snorkeling adventure down south. Hang out with our favorite Hawaiian spinners, spotted, and bottlenose dolphins in the blue waters off Lanai under a calm sky to make for memories that will never leave you.

Private Charter – Humpback Whale Watching & Dolphin Search | Lahaina, Maui

Relish in the splendor of a day spent on our Private Charter! Whales are some of the largest animals ever to exist, and they love people just as much as we love them. Spend two hours fly fishing for these magnificent creatures, or search deep below for one of Hawaii’s beautiful dolphins.

Whale Watch Makena | Kihei, Maui

Warm Hawaiian waters are home to many of the world’s natural wonders, but up close and personal with Humpback Whales off the coast of Makena is one we can’t recommend highly enough.

Sail with the Whales Maalaea | Kula, Maui

The best way to experience Maui is out on the ocean with whales.

Alihilani Whale Watch | Kula, Maui

Creative and engaging without being too cheesy. Enjoy an early morning snorkel trip to seek out turtles and other reef fish.

2PM Whale Watch | Lahaina, Maui

Humpback whales are migrating to Maui during the winter months, and you have a front-row seat! Join Sea Maui’s experienced naturalists on a 2-hour boat trip up close to these magnificent creatures.

Up-Close Whale Watching from Maui

The Maui Ocean Rafting Private Whale Watching Tour is the best way for you to see these fantastic creatures.

Private Whale-Watching & Sightseeing | Lahaina, Maui

Grab your sunscreen and prepare for an adventure with Hawaii Ocean rafting! You’ll be sure to enjoy the best seats onboard our 30ft.

Private Whale Watching and Sightseeing Tour | Lahaina, Maui

This private tour allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Maui’s coastline without any crowds.

Whale Watch Adventure | Wailea, Maui

Whale watching has been the Aloha state’s biggest tourism draw for decades.

Spearfish 101 | Lahaina, Maui

Spearfish 101 is a spearfishing school that teaches individuals the correct techniques to safely and successfully hunt for food in the ocean. Spearfish 101 offers one-on-one lessons, group classes, and expeditions with experienced instructors who teach students about safety procedures before taking them out on the water.

Private Spearfishing and/or Freediving 101 | Lahaina, Maui

Private Spearfishing and Freediving 101 is a company that offers private lessons in the ocean for both spearfishing and freediving. They offer one-on-one instruction with an experienced instructor to help you get started or improve your skills so that you can take home some of Maui’s freshest fish.

Private Charter – Scarab | Lahaina, Maui

Private Charter – Scarab. Maui’s best booking is the ultimate in comfort and style.

South Maui Premier | Kihei, Maui

If you’re looking for the ‘real thing, with a guarantee that it starts underwater, look no further.

South Maui Turtle Reef Discovery | Kihei, Maui

Live in haste, explore at leisure. That’s the motto of this kayaking adventure that will leave you with lasting memories of Maui fun and adventure.

Pali Seacliff | Kihei, Maui

Pali Seacliff Maui offers intimate and authentic kayaking and snorkeling tours for four hours along their secret-spot sea cliffs that tower over coral gardens below or revel in the beauty of humpback whale sightings.

West Side Snorkel Discovery | Kihei, Maui

Maui is known for its laid-back vibe, gorgeous beaches, and lush green landscapes.

Private Turtle Reef Discovery | Kihei, Maui

Well, we think that sea turtles are some of the best explorers on the planet. We at Private Turtle Reef Discovery Maui want to share their mission with you and invite you on a journey of discovery!

Molokini Snorkel & Performance Sail | Kula, Maui

The Molokini Snorkel experience is the best way to dive into the underwater world of Maui.

Lana’i Beach Picnic Sail | Kula, Maui

Dive into the wonders of the ocean with this Lanaʻi Beach Picnic Sail.

Pali Coast Snorkel & Performance Sail | Kula, Maui

Hop aboard and spend 3 hours on the waves of the Pacific Ocean as you snorkel among turtles, manta rays, exotic tropical fish, perfect for those who want to explore off-shore.

West Maui Snorkel & Performance Sail | Kula, Maui

Suited up, our guests will board our performance catamaran. It’s 10:30 a.m., and it’s time to experience Maui’s coastal waters from the best seat on the boat—the ocean.

Lana’i Coast Snorkel | Kula, Maui

Discover snorkeling right around the coast from one of our accommodations located in downtown Lahaina – all you have to do is set sail for adventure with just your mask and fins.

Free Diving 101 | Lahaina, Maui

Free Diving 101 is a family-owned and operated company that teaches the art of freediving.

West Maui Half Day Snorkel Adventure | Lahaina, Maui

You’ve seen pictures, now experience the best West Maui snorkel spots first hand on our West Maui Half Day Snorkel Adventure.

Lanai Half Day Snorkel Adventure | Lahaina, Maui

The Maui, Lanai Half Day Snorkel Adventure is the perfect way to spend your day on Maui.

Xpress Snorkel | Lahaina, Maui

Now you can explore underwater Hawaiian treasures with this excellent tour for the whole family.

Afternoon West Maui Snorkel | Lahaina, Maui

With an afternoon departure time and 3 hours, you can take the morning to relax, then hop on the boat and do some of Maui’s best snorkeling.

Half Day Dolphin + Snorkeling from Maui to Lanaī | Lahaina, Maui

It doesn’t get any better than this when dolphin-watching and snorkeling are packed into one trip.

Private Snorkeling Tours | Lahaina, Maui

Hawaii is a paradise to behold, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Like no other place in the world, the natural beauty of nature will welcome you with open arms.

Kayak and Turtle Reef Snorkel at Olowalu | Lahaina, Maui

The key to living in the moment is not only to pull yourself close and hold tight but also soak up as much of what’s before you. We can’t guarantee that our Kayaks will be stocked with human conversationalists.

Private Kayak/Snorkel/Whale Watch | Lahaina, Maui

We know that your dates are set for the next two weeks, so we’ve packaged everything for your perfect vacation to Maui.

Sea Jet Coral Excursion | Lahaina, Maui

Become a member of the underwater club. We’ve searched for the best reefs and present them to you in a casual, fun setting with easy-to-operate sea jets that put you at eye level with all living things.

Private Snorkel Sail | Lahaina, Maui

Breathtaking scenery, swimming with tropical fish and turtles, and snorkeling in molten lava are all available to you on this fantastic private adventure.

Snorkeling Half Day | Lahaina, Maui

Behold the beauty of Maui’s vibrant coral reef from our snorkeling tour and immerse yourself in the ocean life from beach to depth.

Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel | Wailea, Maui

If you’re looking to do Maui the best way, start your day with the Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel Makena.

Signature Deluxe Snorkel | Wailea, Maui

 Explore freshwater springs, waterfalls, and native Hawaiian plants.

Kayak Snorkel Ocean Safari! | Wailea, Maui

Are you tired of the same old pool and sand destination? Hitting cruise ships where you can’t snorkel or kayak with turtles?

Surf Maui 101 | Kihei, Maui

Route 101 Maui is well known for its beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, and top-notch adventures

Private & Semi-Private SURF Lesson | Kihei, Maui

We offer private lessons and semi-private lessons for those who want some extra one on one attention.

Group SURF Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

Group surf lessons are a great way to meet new people and learn the basics of surfing. Join other beginners while an experienced surfer instructs you

Private & Semi-Private SURF Lessons | Lahaina, Maui

Maui Wave Riders are Maui’s most famous surf school. Our lessons are designed to be safe, fun, and easy for beginners of all ages!

Group Surf Lesson – Lahaina Surf Shack

Picture yourself on the beach, tanning and playing with friends. The air smells of saltwater, and tropical drinks in coconut shells are sprinkled everywhere.

Semi-Private Surf Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

We know that surfing can be a daunting yet exhilarating experience. But with us on your side, it’s an incredible journey!

July Surf Camps | Lahaina, Maui

The island of Maui is calling your name! So, pack up your sunscreen and towel, and bring your refillable water bottle with you to this tropical paradise.

Private Surf Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

You can get a private, 2-hour lesson from one of our certified instructors. And have your life saved by them too!

Surf Lessons | Makawao, Maui

Find your perfect wave. Our surf instructors know the best spots, how to handle your board and what locks work for beginners of all ages.

SUP Tour Makena Landing | Kihei, Maui

A two-hour tour of the beautiful Makena Bay on a Sup is an excellent way to spend your vacation and explore one of its most beautiful locations.

Maui South Shore Explorer | Kihei, Maui

You’ll explore secret coves, visit remote beaches and lagoons, and interact with sea turtles on their terms

Halfway to Hana East Maui | Kihei, Maui

Spend four hours driving through lush landscapes, enjoying scenic views, and learning about the history of Hawaii; a great way to get away from it all for an afternoon!

West Maui Adventures | Kihei, Maui

This is a private tour, with pick up or meets at 9 am was planned to be in respect of your privacy.

Unique Road to Hana | Kihei, Maui

Stop at Twin Waterfalls to relax and enjoy a swim on your way back home.

Upcountry & North Shore | Kihei, Maui

The Upcountry and North Shore tour is the perfect outing for anyone interested in seeing Maui’s lush greenery, waterfalls, stunning mountain ranges, and serene valleys.

Custom Private Tour | Kihei, Maui

Come on the perfect vacation of your life—with no need to worry about a thing!

Classic Road to Hana – to Hana and Back | Kihei, Maui

You’ll spend your morning discovering excellent places like the colorful Hana Field Center, a black sand beach at Maui’s famous Waianapanapa State Park, and the awe-inspiring Piilanihale Heiau ‍at Kaupo.

7 Sacred Pools & Bamboo Forest Hike | Kihei, Maui

This trip is for those who want to get away, break loose, and step out of their comfort zone.

Bird Lovers’ Road to Hana | Kihei, Maui

Your guide will show you the most species of birds on your trip! The Bird Lovers’ Road to Hana is fully guided by one or two seasoned bird experts, who will ensure you have the best chance of finding some crazy birds.

Private Open Range All Inclusive Lunch Tour – Three and a Half Hours | Kula, Maui

That’s why the Private Open Range All-Inclusive Lunch Tour – Three and a Half Hours moves at your own pace.

Private Cattle Open Range Two Hour Tour | Kula, Maui

Ride down to ‘ana’opao like you did when you were little, giving your time to help out our paniolo as they check all those tricky water lines.

Private Cattle Open Range One And A Half Hour Tour | Kula, Maui

When you’re on vacation, sometimes the best things to do are also the most relaxing.

Private Cattle Open Range One Hour Tour | Kula, Maui

Kick off your vacation on the right foot by taking a peaceful and educational tour to see some of Hawaii’s most beautiful pastures.

Sunset Maui Goat Yoga with Live Music | Kula, Maui

This is a great way to relax and leave the day behind by cuddling with goats.

Maui Goat Yoga with Our Miniature Goats

Maui Goat Yoga with Our Miniature Goats is precisely what you need to stay healthy and happy while on vacation.

Special Event Buy Out | Kula, Maui

You’re all about that next-level living! So come and leave your work at home while joining our fitness experts in Kula, Hawaii, for our yoga with goats sleeping under the stars.

Kō Hana Rum Tasting Tour | Kunia, Oahu

Kō Hana Rum Tasting Tour is a tour of our small family-owned rum distillery in Waianae, Oahu.

Hana Rainforest Adventure | Lahaina, Maui

Are you looking for your next vacation spot? Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of our air-conditioned minivans. The Road to Hana features tropical and lush scenery from start to finish.

West Maui Mountains Adventure | Lahaina, Maui

Hiring a tour guide is like going on a trip with a friend. Except, these are sites you can’t visit yourself, and your friends won’t be able to explain them to you!

Aloha Package | Lahaina, Maui

We go to great lengths to ensure all of your Aloha Package prints are high-resolution and optimized for color accuracy.

Maui Hour Package | Lahaina, Maui

Are you looking for a relaxing getaway that will bring your family and friends together? Look no further than Maui, Hawaii.

Ohana Package 90 Minutes | Lahaina, Maui

Come on and get that perfect family picture everybody will cherish for years to come! Book this Ohana Package 90 Minutes for a big day, for any occasion.

Road to Hana Slingshot Adventure Tour – Navigation Guided | Lahaina, Maui

Take the traditional way of seeing Maui with the Road to Hana Slingshot Adventure Tour – Navigation. No need to worry about missing out.

North Loop Coast Slingshot Adventure – Navigation Guided | Lahaina, Maui

Experience a “One of Many” Maui Hawaii Bucket-List Event.

Haleakala Volcano Summit Sunrise or Sunset Adventure Tour – Navigation Guided | Lahaina, Maui

Experience the Haleakala Summit in a whole new way! Slingshots are one of the safest and most exciting means to travel up to 10,000 feet high.

Jet Boating “Insane” | Lahaina, Maui

Start your adventure with a journey through the gentle waves of Maui’s incredible beaches.

Viewing Adventure & Dive Show | Lahaina, Maui

You’ll board the Reef Dancer for our “Ultimate Underwater Viewing Adventure and Dive Show.”

90 Minute Reef Viewing Adventure & Dive Show | Lahaina, Maui

You’ve been looking for an experience. This is the one that will span your senses, from smelling sea life to feeling salt on your skin.

Adventure Hana Tours | Makawao, Maui

The birds are flying, the sunshine shining on your face! It’s time to take a break and let go of all the stress that has been following you for weeks.

The Maui Butterfly Farm Tour | Makawao, Maui

You have a Maui vacation coming up, and you’re running out of ideas. ‘Deadbeats!’ I hear you say, ‘we want something unique.’

Valley Isle Tour | Paia, Maui

Experience the Valley Isle by touring it on your own terms. Choose from different options to customize your own private tour, including preferred locations, timeframes and flexibility along the way.

Hana and Back Rainforest Tour | Paia, Maui

Spend a day exploring the lush rainforests of East Maui with our private guide.

Full Road to Hana Loop | Paia, Maui

The Full Road to Hana is a way you won’t regret exploring. This adventure begins with a climb from sea level up the mountain and concludes on the rugged coastline of Kaupo inlet as we make our way towards Haleakala Volcano.

Hidden Gems Before Hana | Paia, Maui

Get out of the car and do it Maui-style with Hidden Gems Before Hana! This tour connects you with places that are a bit off the beaten path yet produce just as many incredible memories.

Two Day Hana Trip | Paia, Maui

On this exclusive two-day package, you will experience a collection of the most excellent hotels and resorts more than once.

Four Falls Hike | Paia, Maui

The Bamboo Falls hike is an exhilarating walking tour of two waterfalls in a mystical bamboo forest.

Jungle Waterfalls Hike | Paia, Maui

It’s time to get old school. Hiking isn’t just an outdoor fitness challenge. It’s also imbued with a sense of adventure and discovery that you won’t find anywhere else.

Maui Ridge & Waterslides Hike | Paia, Maui

The perfect hike for anyone looking to explore has beautiful ocean views and a gorgeous waterfall in the distance.

Haleakala Downhill Self-Guided Bike Tour | Paia Paia, Maui

As you feel the rejuvenating trade winds against your face and hear only a wondrous symphony of birds as they sing their praises to a fantastic day, know that this day will be historic.

Hana & Beyond Tour | Wailuku, Maui

You can’t go wrong with this new, exciting Tour! Our knowledgeable guides will show you the ageless beauty that spans the coast of Maui.

SUP Maui 101 | Kihei, Maui

After a long wait, a vacation spot that much needs to be captured in all its untouched beauty and mystery has arrived.

Private & Semi-Private Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lesson | Kihei, Maui

Learn to stand up paddleboard in a private, semi-private, or group setting with beachfront rentals at bargain prices!

Group SUP Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

With hundreds of miles of coastline, Maui is a surfer’s paradise. But it can be hard to find the time for surfing during busy work days and hectic family schedules.

Private & Semi-Private SUP Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

This is a great new way to surf! Stand up and paddle your way to even more fun! Lahaina, Maui offers private and semi-private SUP lessons for all levels.

Group Stand up Paddle Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

Maui is paradise, and you’re going to want to explore it as soon as possible. Start things off with a Group Stand Up Paddle Lesson!

Semi-Private Stand Up Paddle Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

What would you expect to find here? The bright blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Lush green palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Private Stand Up Paddle Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

One of the things you’ll do in Maui is take a paddle board lesson, and there’s no better place for studies than Lahaina Surf Shack.

Stand Up Paddle Yoga | Lahaina, Maui

Get your Stand Up Paddle Yoga on with the ocean and tropical morning sun, refreshing tiki drinks, and views of world-renowned landmarks.

Gratuity | Lahaina, Maui

Gratuity will give you the chance of life. When you’re out enjoying everything from our ocean vistas to the friendliness of our people, you’ll be grateful for Gratuity’s drink menu.

Paddle “OM” Sunrise Tour | Wailea, Maui

Stand-Up Paddleboarding will awaken your senses to the sights, sounds, and smells of Maui.

Kayak – The “Mellow” Cruise | Wailea, Maui

After the historical trade route of the Polynesians, kayaking through Maui’s stunning coastline points out the natural beauty and inhabits birds along this route.

Paddleboard 101 Excel! | Wailea, Maui

Paddle Boarding is one of the latest water sports, and our Paddleboard 101 course will give you a safe introduction to this thrilling new activity.

SUP “The Cruise”! | Wailea, Maui

Take the time to relax as we take you on a 2-hour paddleboard tour on the Wailea-Makena Coastline.

SUP Celebration! | Wailea, Maui

Celebrate every occasion and experience the epic beauty of Makena Landing.

Yogasana “OM” Tour – SUP Yoga | Wailea, Maui

Kick start your Maui day with a SUP Yoga ride on the water! Learn the basics in the park and then explore the backwaters of Makena Landing.

SUP “Turtle Town” Snorkel | Wailea, Maui

Paddleboard over the pristine Wailea Coastline off Makena Landing in the heart of “Turtle Town.”

Paragon Performance Sunset Sail | Kula, MauiParagon Performance Sunset Sail | Kula, Maui

Hike the foothills of Haleakalā volcano, survey Maui’s sprawling pineapple fields while sipping a POG (Pineapple, Orange, and Guava) juice, or go surfing

‘Alihilani Sunset Sail Lahaina Harbor | Kula, Maui

Passegrains features a fleet of tall sailing catamarans, L-shaped lounge seating, and an unparalleled 360° view around Maui’s world-famous Lahaina Harbor from its topside aft deck.

Sunset Live! | Lahaina, Maui

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with our evening “Sunset Live” Lahaina, HI. Performers are a famous local artist who plays for the crowd – engaging with customers and making every Sunset Live not just sail with music but an entirely different experience available only on Sea Maui.

Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise | Lahaina, Maui

What better way to end your day? Join us aboard Sea Maui on an ‘Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise’ for a night you won’t forget.

Premium Sunset Cocktail Cruise | Lahaina, Maui

Sail away to magical moments on the sea with your friends and family! Our newest ship, Sea Maui III, is a 65ft luxury catamaran that can accommodate 110 guests.

Private Day Sail | Lahaina, Maui

This day trip showcases the sailboat’s ability to handle slippery conditions in and around the ocean.

Private Sunset Sail | Lahaina, Maui

Gaze at the sunset and soak in the beauty of Maui’s western shores as you depart for a beautiful evening private sailing experience.

Private Sailing Lesson | Lahaina, Maui

It’s time to take a break! Are you tired of your old routine? Come and spend an afternoon on the water with one of our GungHo experts.

Private Charter “Insane” | Lahaina, Maui

Get a load of this! If you are looking for the most insane boat in Hawaii, look no further.

Private Charter Sanity | Lahaina, Maui

Gaze at the sunset and soak in the beauty of Maui’s western shores as you depart for a beautiful evening private sailing experience.

Private Sunset Charter Sanity | Lahaina, Maui

Spend your day in paradise. You deserve it. Play under the sun at any of our amazing beaches or experience all that majestic Hawaii has to offer.

Adventure Sunset Sail | Wailea, Maui

Dwight Quenga will play the ukulele smoothly to ensure a relaxing atmosphere while people enjoy Ocean Vodka and Kula Rum spirits.

Intro to Scuba Diving (Non-Certifed) | Lahaina, Maui

Banyan Tree Divers is a Scuba Diving company in Maui, HI. We offer non-certified scuba diving for beginners so that you can explore the underwater world in small group sizes.

Guided Shore Dive (Certified) | Lahaina, Maui

Guided Shore Dive Maui is the best way to explore Maui’s most spectacular shore dives.

Scuba Review Dive (Certified) | Lahaina, Maui

Scuba Review Dive Maui is a small group, 2-hour dive for certified divers. The company offers equipment rental and refreshment of skills in the beautiful waters of Lahaina, Kaanapali, and Kapalua.

Private Dive for 2 or More (Certified and Non-Certified) | Lahaina, Maui

Banyan Tree Divers is a family-owned and operated company that has been in business for over 30 years.

Night Dive (Certified) | Lahaina, Maui

Night Diving on Maui is a one-of-a-kind experience for certified divers. The dive begins after sunset when most Hawaiian Green Turtles have gone to sleep, so you can see an exquisite array of nocturnal life.

PADI Scuba Diver | Lahaina, Maui

PADI Scuba Diver Maui is a one-day scuba diving course that offers a great introduction to the sport of scuba diving.

PADI Open Water Diver | Lahaina, Maui

Discover the beauty of Maui and get PADI certified at our dive center! Our two-day scuba certification course is perfect for beginners who are age ten or older.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver | Lahaina, Maui

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Maui is a two-day course that teaches you everything you need to know about scuba diving.

PADI Rescue Diver | Lahaina, Maui

The PADI Rescue Diver class on Maui will teach participants skills in emergency management and underwater problem-solving.

Emergency First Response | Lahaina, Maui

Take your vacation to the next level with a certification in Emergency First Response. Develop critical first aid skills and be confident that you have what it takes in an emergency.

PADI Open Water Referral Dives | Lahaina, Maui

You’ve always wanted to try diving but never found the time? With PADI’s Open Water Referral Dives in Maui course, you can fulfill the academic portion of getting your certification from anywhere.

Scooter Dive (Certified) | Lahaina, Maui

Discover the underwater world in Maui, Hawaii, with a Two-Hour Scoot Dive. Take pictures of artwork created by many species of fish before you.

Kayak Rental Makena Landing | Kihei, Maui

Lounging on the sand, take your kayak and be prepared for a paddling adventure – and fishing opportunity! Depart with our fleet of kayaks from Makena Landing for pristine scenic vistas.

Tiki Scooters | Kihei, Maui

Only our rentals include heavy-duty security chains and helmets so that you know your scooter will always be there when you come back to get it.

Polaris Slingshot | Kihei, Maui

We know that sometimes your experience is better when it’s exclusive. That’s why we’re here to take the wheel for you in a Polaris Slingshot Kihei.

Tiki Scooters | Lahaina, Maui

Hop on for a ride in paradise and cruise around to explore the bay islands.

Polaris Slingshot | Lahaina, Maui

Let us take you on a ride through the stunning Hawaiian landscape in an electric three-wheeled COX Slingshot. Cover distances as quickly as 50 miles an hour in our one-of-a-kind Polaris Slingshot.

Saris SuperClamp EX 4-Bike Hitch Rack | Paia Paia, Maui


Imagine the easiest way to get outside and find your adventure! The Saris SuperClamp EX 4-Bike Hitch Rack is a simple, easy hitch rack solution that holds up to four bikes for your next excursion.

Haleakala Downhill Hardtail Upgrade | Paia Paia, Maui

Sitting on the Kona Coast with your morning coffee in your hand, you see a mountain bike drifting down towards you.

Haleakala Downhill Aluminum Road Bike Upgrade | Paia Paia, Maui

Dive into our Haleakala Downhill! Seven hours without stopping will get you to the top for sunrise.

Haleakala Downhill Carbon Road Bike Upgrade | Paia Paia, Maui

Grab your favorite snacks, get yourself geared up for a long day of riding, and hit the coast on our Haleakala Downhill Carbon Road Bike Upgrade!

Surfboard Rack | Paia Paia, Maui

The perfect windbreaker against those post-surfing winds. Securely docks your longboard to any vehicle, behind the lifeguard shack at your favorite surfing spot, and makes a fashionable headrest for you on the sand.

Haleakala Downhill Bike Rental | Paia Paia, Maui

Haleakala is one of the most popular destinations in Maui, and it’s for a good reason. Here you will find a rare spot combining unique cultures, tranquil seaside towns, and world-class surfing.

XXS – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike | Paia Paia, Maui

Adventure awaits at your fingertips. Leave the chaos behind, pack the bike up in a case and let it be your companion on all of life’s small adventures.

XS – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike | Paia Paia, Maui

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned old pro or our newest rider. We’ve got something for the whole family.

S – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike | Paia Paia, Maui

You need this bike! Leave the rest of your luggage in the backseat of the car. There’s no time to pack for a 2-weeks getaway, so that this bike will be perfect for all occasions!

M – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike | Paia Paia, Maui

Chill out on vacation with your new bike. Hot days and cool nights are ideal for hitting the roads, but what’s a roadie without an Addict RC 20?

L – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike | Paia Paia, Maui

It’s a vacation. A break from your busy schedule and the stresses of everyday life.

XL – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike | Paia Paia, Maui

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Huaka’i, Journey Through Poynesia

Huaka’i, Journey Through Polynesia, is Maui’s newest luau. Let us share with you Momi ‘O Ka Pakipika, Hawaii the pearl of the Pacific through music, song and dance.

Molokini Crater, located two miles from Maui’s South shore is a natural crescent. It also houses the Marine Life Conservation District. This area is popular with snorkelers and divers around the globe. If you’re looking to explore Maui’s underwater world, Molokini Crater is the place to be. With visibility of over 180 feet on clear days, and thousands upon thousands of tropical reef fish swimming beneath and beside you, Molokini should not be missed. This is the perfect place to share a unique snorkeling or diving experience with family and friends, as more than 20% of Hawaiian reef fish can be found nowhere else on earth.

Although there are many boats available, we recommend kayak and outrigger canoe tours to Molokini for an intimate, exhilarating experience. It is not for everyone. Most people prefer to paddle to Molokini. We recommend Redline Rafting.

While you’re likely to have done snorkeling and kayaking, have you ever combined them on one tour? We combine both the best of both worlds to give you a glimpse above and below the surface, whether you are kayaking along the stunning shores of South Maui, or snorkeling West Maui’s Coral Gardens. Our experienced guides will guide your group, while you have fun.


Whale season runs from December to April, so you can almost guarantee that you will see Humpbacks.

Don’t blink! It is possible to miss Paia Town. Paia Town is a small, quiet town that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Maui. Paia, a hippie-surfing town since the 1970s offers enough people-watching for an entire afternoon. You will find low-key restaurants such as Paia Fish Market and Cafe Des Amis here, as well art galleries, local shopping, massage clinics, and classes in yoga. You can watch the best windsurfers from the world at Ho’okipa Beach Park or have a picnic at Baldwin Beach Park.

This is the last gas station you will need until you reach Hana. Slow down, park in a legal spot, and avoid feeding the hippies.

Lucky you if you are in Maui between December-April. Around 10,000 humpbacks whales migrate each year from the Gulf of Alaska and Hawaii to give birth to their calves. They then make the long return journey. You can see these magnificent animals from many places, including shore, boat, kayak and outrigger canoe. Special whale watch kayak and outrigger canoe tours are offered. These offer incredible views from the surface, which is not possible with larger boats.


We believe that you cannot visit Hawaii without visiting at least one luau. There are many options for Maui, but Old Lahaina Luau offers a more intimate and authentically Hawaiian experience. The service is impeccable, the food is fresh and delicious, and the performers are amazing. You can also book traditional floor seating at either the front or the back for a more intimate experience with a stunning view. You’re sure to enjoy a unique treat at our Maui luau, which is located in Lahaina and has direct ocean views.

This tour allows you to hike in Haleakala National Park with a guide. It is a great way to see the stunning views. You will be accompanied by your guide on a hike that descends into the crater and a second hike that takes you along the outer edge looking in. Stop at the summit of 10,023ft and have lunch or a drink.
Grandma’s Coffee House is a great place to stop by on your way to Upcountry Maui. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast while you chat with your neighbors. Grandma started roasting and blending Maui organic coffee in 1918. The tradition has remained. Four generations later, the family has perfected the art of roasting and blending organic Maui coffee. You can find the Keokea location near the Kula Botanical Gardens. Visit the place on Saturday or Sunday to enjoy the cornbread eggs Benedict. A perfect stop to make on the way back from Haleakala.

You can find it on the back side Haleakala National Park. Drive 12 miles past Hana to reach the Kipahulu section of the park. The 4 mile roundtrip hike along Pipiwai Trail is a stunning way to experience one of the most breathtaking hikes on the island. The trail will take you through lush rainforest to reach a huge banyan tree. After cooling off, you’ll finally see Waimoku Falls at 400 feet.

Locals and tourists alike love to fish in Maui. There are many options available for any type of fishing. Imagine bringing home fresh fish that you caught just a few hours ago! For guided fishing trips, we recommend Spearfish Maui and Maui Fun Charters. It’s a great way to see Maui from the sea!


La Perouse Bay is located just past Makena. It is home to the latest lava flow on Maui. This bay is also a popular spot for Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. For a ride through the most beautiful areas of Maui, saddle up with Pat Borge, a Maui-born paniolo and owner of Makena Stables. The ability of each rider determines the horse they will be matched with. Groups are limited to six riders. You can choose from a 2.5-hour morning ride that offers panoramic views of Haleakala and the lava fields, or a sunset ride on the slopes at Ulupalakua Ranch for 2.5-3 hours. Private tours can also be arranged upon request. All tours include fruit, snacks, and water.

The history of outrigger canoeing is rich in Hawaiian culture. Why not give it a try? Learn Hawaiian place names and marine names before you paddle around the most beautiful spots on Maui. Ideal for families, children, groups and individuals. You can fit 6 people in our 45-foot canoes. If you are feeling especially eager, you have the option of choosing from many locations, such as South Maui’s Turtle Town or West Maui’s Coral Gardens, Honolua Bay, Molokini Crater, Honolua Bay, Honolua Bay, Honolua Bay, Honolua Bay, or South Maui’s Turtle Town.


You should eat where the locals eat. Tin Roof Maui, Poi by Pound, and Tamura’s are two great options for classic local cuisine. Ululani’s offers a unique local shave-ice experience. It features exotic flavors such as lilikoi, pickled mango, and calamansi lemon made from premium fruit juices, natural fruits juices, and local ingredients. You can enjoy a Maui Brewing Company Bikini Blonde Lager anywhere on the island. Or, you can visit the Kihei brewpub to sample specialty beers. Yum.

Maui is a great place to indulge in spa services such as hot stone or deep tissue massages, and reflexology. Maui is home to many of the best spas in the world. We recommend Spa Grande at Grand Wailea and Kapalua Spa, Ritz-Carlton Kapalua for the ultimate pampering. You can start your day by having breakfast in bed and then relax in the spa for an afternoon.

The Hui o Wa’a Kaulua (or “Assembly of the Double-Hull Canoe”) is a Maui non-profit that “practices, perpetuates and educates the community on Hawaiian canoebuilding, wayfinding, and voyaging arts.” This amazing local organization built a 62 ft. transoceanic voyaging boat called Mo’okiha o Pi’ilani or the “Sacred Lizard of Maui”. They offer many educational programs to local students. Volunteers are always needed to help with upcoming and current projects. If you are interested in donating to an important cause on Maui, please visit their donation page.

The Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, Upcountry, might be the perfect place for you if you’re looking to take a unique, low-key tour of Maui. AKL is based on the principles of relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal. They offer a variety of tours including daily guided walking tours, guided cart tours, lavender treasure hunts, gourmet picnic lunches, and craft classes. You can also find great products at their gift shop such as lavender strawberry peppermint jam, lavender body butter cream, and lavender scone mixture.


Last but not the least, remember that you are on Maui Time. Relax. Relax. Enjoy refreshing cocktails by the pool, a swim in the ocean or a nap on the golden sand. Then, enjoy a relaxing beachfront massage while taking in Maui’s famous sunsets. It’s great to see and do, but it’s also fun to take some time to enjoy Maui. It’s not worth being stressed while on vacation. Enjoy island life at its best by leaving behind all your worries. Aloha!

There are many things to do in Maui, whether you’re there for the stunning sunsets, whale watching, or beautiful beaches. We know you won’t be able do it all on your first or second trip. However, we have compiled a list of our top activities, based on our love of the outdoors and our desire to explore one the most beautiful islands in the world. We’d love to hear about any activities that we missed.

Watching the big wave surfers ride 50-foot waves at Maui’s top surf spots is one of the most exciting things you can do while in Hawaii. For a challenge on the water, you can take a Maui private surf lesson with your family and friends. Nothing beats riding your first wave in paradise. We will show you all you need to know so you can have a successful session.


Because of sharp reefs and unexpectedly large currents, the waves around our islands can be more dangerous than others. Use a guide to help you navigate the waters.

Haleakala is the highest point of Maui. It’s the largest dormant volcano on the planet and reaches an incredible 10,023 feet. This impressive peak attracts thousands of tourists each year. Although it may not be the most relaxing activity for vacationers, it is worth the effort. Take the scenic drive upcountry and cross the clouds to reach the summit in time to see the sunrise. Bring warm clothes, a camera and lots of water. You must make a reservation at least two months in advance as this attraction is very popular and has limited parking. You can explore Haleakala National Park more by taking a hike to the crater. For those who want an added thrill, there are also bike tours that take you down.

Spend an afternoon with family and friends at the only aquarium dedicated to the preservation and display of Hawaiian marine life. All visitors are welcome to explore the Maui Ocean Center, regardless of age. This is a top activity for kids in Maui!

The Maui Ocean Center displays Hawaiian sea life, educational displays on ocean ecology, whales, and Hawaiian culture. All guests will enjoy the rare attractions, including the Hammerhead Shark pool and outdoor Hawaiian Sea Turtle sanctuary. The aquarium is well-known for its fully enclosed sea-tunnel and huge indoor shark tank. This exhibits Hammerhead Sharks and Tiger Sharks, White Tips and Grey Tips, as well as a variety deepwater fish.

For all golf lovers, Hawaii is paradise on earth. The Hawaiian Islands offer an unforgettable golf experience for all levels of golfers, from students to professionals. There are many options for golf in Hawaii, from public courses to exclusive and private golf locations that are only available to a select few.
Golfers and their friends will enjoy the luxurious of impeccable conditions at all the State of Hawaii’s golf resorts. They will be able to bask in the warm sunshine, lush greens, privacy, and stunning 360-degree panoramic views.

Visit the Island of Maui during January to attend the PGA’s Annual Hyundai Tournament of Champions at Kapalua Resort. Or, you can visit anytime throughout the year to enjoy 5-star golfing. You can enjoy the stunning views of West Maui while you play with some of the most renowned golf pros in the world. Golfers in South Maui can improve their skills at David Leadbetter’s Golf Academy and spend hours on the greens of Wailea Golf Resort’s Gold, Emerald, and Old Blue courses. You can take your guests to the Island of Lana’i, where they will find a paradise for golf at Four Season’s Manele Bay and Lodge At Koele. Also, don’t miss the Mauna Kea Golf Course and Waikoloa Beach Resort’s King Course. There are many beautiful golf courses in Kaua’i, including Poipu Bay Golf Course and Kauai Lagoon Golf Club. You will be delighted regardless of which Hawaiian Island you choose to enjoy a paradise golf vacation.

There are many things to do in Maui, and it’s not hard to see why. Hawaii Mermaid Adventures offers one of the most unique and memorable Maui activities.

Lahaina’s Banyan Tree, which is more than 137 years old, covers almost 1 acre of downtown Lahaina. Although this species is the largest in America, it is not native to Hawaii. This Banyan Tree was planted by Sheriff William Owen Smith in 1873 to mark the 50th anniversary of Protestant missionaries arriving in Lahaina.

This species’ aerial roots have allowed the tree to grow into 16 more trunks from a single trunk. The Banyan Tree is a historic landmark in Lahaina and is an impressive sight. Visitors can often find local artists under the Banyan tree’s canopy, making it a great place to take a stroll around the square. You can find shopping, dining, entertainment, and other activities in Lahaina just a short distance from the Banyon Tree. Make sure you visit the Banyon Tree on your next walking tour through the historic Town Lahaina to learn more about Maui’s roots.

A day at Iao Valley State Park is one of the most memorable activities to do on Maui. Iao Valley is a cultural landmark on Maui. It also houses ancient Hawaiian demigods. This sacred spot was a key location in Hawaiian history.

The Bailey House, built in 1833, was once home to Edward Bailey and his family. The home is also located on the historic Hawaiian site of Kahekili (the last chief ruling in Maui), which is a little-known fact. In 1957, the Bailey house was made a museum and the property of 7 acres was listed on the National and Hawaiian Registers of Historic Places. The Bailey House Museum has the largest collection in Maui County of Hawaiian art, archeological materials, natural history materials, a 100 year old canoe, and a surfboard that belonged the Hawaii legend Duke Kahanamoku. It also contains 19th Century colonial artifacts, Edward Bailey’s paintings of Hawaii, Koa furniture, and many other items.

The Bailey House & Museum are open Monday through Saturday, 10am-4pm. The Bailey House invites the public once a month to the ‘Moonlight Mele Hawaiian concert series. The monthly event features live music by George Kahumoku Jr., a Hawaiian musician who has won the Grammy, as well as food, beer, wine, and a great community of fun-loving, aloha-loving people.

Ho’okipa Beach Park, one of Hawaii’s most well-known beaches and the best for professional windsurfing and surfing, is also one of the most popular in Hawaii. The ancient Hawaiian word “ho’okipa”, which means hospitality, is what this Beach Park offers.

Ho’okipa Beach park is where you can see a few of the best watermen/waterwomen in the world. Visitors can view the stunning North Shore Maui coastline from Ho’okipa’s top parking lot, and take amazing photos. You can also venture out to the sand to enjoy afternoon barbecues and the beautiful Maui sun. The current can be strong in winter so it is recommended that only experienced swimmers go out. Ho’okipa is a great place to snorkel and explore in the summer months. Ho’okipa beach park offers excitement and international appeal. Enjoy the North Shore Maui as the locals experience it. Relax and enjoy the beautiful island of Hawaii.

South Maui’s dolphins are one of the most exciting things to do. Every day, La Perouse is visited by a pod of Spinner Dolphins. Enjoy a brief walk on the trails at La Perouse Bay to see the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.
Keep your eyes on the trail as La Perouse is a protected historical site. La Perouse Bay marks the end of Maui’s historic King’s Trail.

You’ll find beautiful lava formations leading out to La Perouse. You may occasionally see people riding horses at La Perouse. If you look closely you might even spot wild goats playing in the Kiawe tree. La Perouse can be found at the end of Makena Alanui Road on Highway 31. The gravel parking lot has no facilities or toilets. Once your visit is over, you can return to Highway 31 and visit the Makena State Beach Park or snorkeling coves on the way back to Kihei.

Wai’anapanapa state park covers 122 acres of East Maui coastline land. This beautiful area offers visitors the opportunity to explore two trails loops, view a dramatic coastline with sea-sculptedlava shelves, ancient Hawaiian burial places, a blowhole and 5 sheltered caves. The stunning Pa’iloa Beach is also known as Black Sand Beach.

Wai’anapanapa, one of Maui’s few state parks, allows camping. There are several picnic areas and barbecue areas, 12 rental cabins (reserve ahead, though they are currently closed due to renovations), toilet and shower facilities, and a large lot. Visitors and residents alike frequent this area, which is also visited by a few tour buses. Wai’anapanapa is a popular place to visit in Hawaii. But only those who are well-informed can go.

Wai’anapanapa can be found near Mile Marker 32 on the Hana Highway. You will find a sign on the makai side of the road that directs you to Hana Town. Guests should follow all signage while exploring Wai’anapanapa’s trails. If the sign says “kapu”, that means stay away! The park contains over 34 historical sites from Hawaii. Please respect the history, the land, and our aumakua. Wai’anapanapa state park is open every day and you don’t need to pay a fee.

The Maui Arts and Cultural Center has provided Maui residents and tourists with amazing entertainment since 1994. This includes live music, comedy and dancing, Hawaiian culture programs, and concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, galas and many more. The MACC is actually the only one of its kind on Maui.
The Maui Arts & Cultural Center hosts many popular annual events, including the Maui Film Festival and Made In Maui County Festivals, Mayjah Rayjah Summer Music Festivals, Maui Brewer’s Festivals, Maui Calls, and Mayjah Rayjah Summer Music Festivals. The MACC offers a variety of free events throughout the year such as Starry Night movie screenings and the Ki Ho’alu Music Festival.

The Maui Arts and Cultural Center is an excellent place to start your Maui experience, whether you’re a Maui resident and/or a tourist. There are so many great programs that everyone can enjoy. The Maui Arts & Cultural Center, a 501(c),(3) non-profit organization, is managed by a volunteer Board
You will find rare Maui-made art, clothing boutiques and many Hawaii craft vendors on Front Street. Front Street has one of the most interesting historical sites on Maui. It is a hub for adventure activities and great people watching. You can also enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean from any location on Front Street!

You should plan a full day excursion when planning your time to visit Front Street in Lahaina. Plan a morning whale watching or snorkel tour, then grab lunch at a great restaurant with ocean views, and then stroll down Front Street, going from business to work all afternoon. On weekends, we recommend that you visit all of the local art under Banyon Tree. Also make sure you visit all the cool surf shops and galleries.
There are two tour options available for Maui Zip n’ Dip Tour guests. The first is a 3-hour 4-line adventure that allows guests to explore 3 new lines before reaching the 4th line, Zip n’ Splash. Here, guests will spend 45 minutes swimming, splashing, and Stand Up paddle-boarding in a refreshing pool. A second tour is a 4.5-hour tour that includes a 9-line zip tour. Guests will fly through 8 zip lines before reaching the 9th “Zip n’ Splash.” This tour ends with 45 minutes of freshwater fun. Numerous media outlets, including TripAdvisor, voted Skyline Eco-Adventures the #1 Hawaii Zipline Tour of 2014. This activity is for people who are willing to challenge themselves and enjoy breathtaking views of Maui from an unusual and adventurous perspective.

Maui Brewing Co (605 Lipoa Pkwy Kihei), proudly claims to be the first craft beer to be brewed in Maui. Daily brewery tours are available for $15 You get to taste their four most popular beers – Bikini Blonde Lager and Big Swell IPA and Coconut Hiwa Porter – and a token for a free full or Island Root Beer. Also, you will receive a souvenir glass.

For a glimpse at Maui’s paniolo culture (cowboy), shopping, galleries, and restaurants, visit historic Makawao Town. Olinda is the best place to visit the Makawao Forest, Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, and the Kula Botanical Gardens. You can stop by Grandma’s Coffee Shop to get Maui coffee, baked goods, and a burger from Ulupalakua Ranch Store. Also, don’t miss a visit to Maui’s Winery, Ulupalakua.
Parasailing is one the most thrilling ocean activities that you can do in Maui. This activity is not allowed in the summer and late spring. Parasailing vendors cannot operate during Maui’s whale-watching season (roughly between late October and April).

Parasailing tours to Maui depart from Ka’anapali Beach. UFO Parasails is the most popular parasailing firm on Maui. They have the best crew and are highly skilled. The UFO staff values safety and enjoyment. A small group can go parasailing on Maui. A group of eight people is the norm so everyone has a chance to get a lot of time in the air. You will be harnessed to the back of the boat and allowed to fly above the Pacific Ocean. As you slowly rise into the air, you will soon be the King or Queen in the Pacific with West Maui in your sights. You can dip in the ocean on your way down, but you must inform the parasailing guides beforehand.

Downhill biking on the slopes of Haleakala Volcano is one of Maui’s most special opportunities. For a spectacular sunrise over the clouds, you’ll be taken up to the summit at 10,000+ feet. Then you will start your adventure from Haleakala National Park. This incredible adventure is not for the weak of heart or legs, but the views are unmatched on Maui. You will be amazed at the transformation of Maui’s volcanic landscape into the lush hills that make up Upcountry Maui. This is the perfect place for solo travellers, couples, friends, and families who are looking to be adventurous.