The Lahaina Arts Society is a community of creative minds, working together and for the betterment of art. It’s in Maui that artists are able to showcase their work while being mentored by other local masters. The society serves as an incubator to new generations – welcoming people from all over Hawaii into its workshops with open arms and giving them a chance at success like never before! The iconic LAS Building in Lahaina has been at the center of its art scene since it opened on November 14, 1967.

Located in the historic Old Lahaina Courthouse, since 1969 the Lahaina Arts Society has been home to one of America’s largest art markets. The gallery is situated down by the harbor and showcases some of Hawaii’s most talented artists as well as international traveling exhibits from all over.

Lahaina Art Society is an American institution expressly focused on showcasing local talent while also providing a stepping stone for new contemporary talents who are working with traditional mediums such as painting or sculpting; they have exhibitions that change quarterly so there will always be something fresh at their doorstep!

Activities of Lahaina Art Society

Lahaina Arts Society exists to support Maui’s local artists and give them a platform for their work. They provide opportunities including gallery space, residencies, workshops in topics such as marketing and business development; all of which are essential tools that can help an artist build momentum or get the attention they deserve.

The Old Lahaina Gallery maintains a permanent gallery space within its old courthouse building while sponsoring several outdoor Fine Art Fairs each month with new exhibits every time! These events are great opportunities for anyone who loves art from many different genres like painting or photography, as well as more modern forms such as digital arts which require some degree of previous training before they’re able to create them on their own at home.

Arts Gallery

Art lovers can stop by the Lahaina Arts Society Gallery to view and purchase art in a beautiful, tropical location. The gallery is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The gallery is located next door at 648 Wharf Street, right by a historic banyan tree.


Providing arts education to the community is so important. That’s why it’s been over 30 years of success with The Lahaina Arts Society! LAS separated its charity programs into an independent organization, Lahaina Arts Guild. This allowed for more community involvement and focus on the arts in Lahaina

The Lahaina Arts Guild is an arts-focused nonprofit organization that works tirelessly for the community by providing accessible programming like their annual scholarship program or weekday morning kids’ drawing class sessions where no one leaves without feeling proud of themselves; they even provide quality activities such as monthly adult painting workshops which are geared towards helping people explore what creativity means to them on both artistic levels as well personal level too!

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