When Waikiki Brewing Company opened its doors in 2015, it immediately began to produce 1100 barrels of beer annually. The popularity was so overwhelming that the brewery had no choice but to look for a second location as soon as possible. As the third-largest producer of craft beer in Hawaii, Waikiki Brewing Company has been able to quadruple production and find a spot for their new brewery. The 20 barrel brewhouse provides them with high ceilings that allow this expansion into brewing more than 500 barrels per year! The brewery was started with a humble goal of producing local beer, but soon it grew into the largest craft brewing company in Hawaii.

In 2020 amidst what seemed to be an impending global pandemic they were able to open their 3rd Brewery on Maui’s west coast in Lahaina. The newest location of the brewery boasts stunning, fully unobstructed ocean views and a brewing space unlike any other on Earth. With its sun setting behind Lanai Island while whales breach in the channel before you can make lifelong memories with friends at this world-class destination.

It’s no surprise that the Waikiki Brewing Company is so popular across America- they’ve won medals at every major brewing competition for years now! The brewery is taking home medals at competitions like the Great American Beer Festival, US Open Beer Championship, and Denver International Beer Competition.

Waikiki Brewing Company has not only created jobs for the locals – 40 additional manufacturing and service jobs, but also supports other local businesses by way of its operation. The brewery is now one of Kaka’ako’s most popular destinations for visitors seeking a cool drink on their vacation to Hawai’i Island or Oahu. Waikiki Brewing Company in Honolulu is a fast-growing brewery that cans its beer and also donates spent grain to local farmers. This company sources its beverage cans from the Ball can manufacturing plant, which is on Oahu. As well, they donate all of the leftover grain that is no longer usable in beer making it right here on-site and give it away for people like David Wong who can use it to grow crops! The empty grain bags, not good for much more than lining a trash can after they are emptied by the farmers at home, find their greatest use when upcycled into roofing materials.

Waikiki Brewing Company has been instrumental in driving the local economy and providing a wonderful, community-centric gathering place. With regular meetings from families to military promotions or team-building gatherings for businesses on a weekly basis, this is also the perfect destination spot for thirsty travelers who are looking to enjoy themselves at one of their many pubs across Honolulu’s gorgeous beaches.

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