Welcome to the Daryl Millard Gallery. This is a site dedicated to a local artist, Daryl Millard. You can learn about his work and buy art. He has been painting since he was a young boy but didn’t start until he was twenty. It was a very difficult time for him as he was studying to become an artist, but he continued to paint. Now he is showing off his work at various galleries.

Daryl is known for his unique ability to capture the light of landscapes he paints. He has a subtle color style that makes him stand out amongst other artists in Southern California and loves working with color harmonies because this captures moods. Daryl’s art speaks on its own, letting it communicate without much input from himself; as well as participating in many shows while living in California.

Daryl’s work is in such high demand that his original paintings have sold out at three consecutive shows. He has an impressive list of collectors, including Alex Spanos (owner of the San Diego Chargers), Kevin Kinsella (billionaire and owner of “Jersey Boys”, The Evans Family (hotel owners and Lodge at Torrey Pines), Sandy Saxton from TS restaurants).

A true visionary, Daryl’s work has been featured in Architectural Art and numerous art magazines. His works have also appeared at Bonhams and Butterfield Auction House in Los Angeles.

Daryl has a talent for art, one that few artists possess. He places all the elements in his artwork correctly and it is superbly toned. The composition is balanced too! But what sets Daryl apart from other great painters are those special touches he adds to make each piece come alive; you can only experience this when viewing Daryl’s work firsthand. Like all talented artists, he has an innate gift that transports viewers into another realm with just one glance: “the golden touch.”

Daryl Millard has a unique way of depicting rural Hawaii in his works. The colors and scenery always seem to have an uncanny reflection of the beauty that many people come into contact with when they enter this paradise for the first time like they are frozen moments from long ago. We all know how truly unforgettable it can be on your first visit here: beautiful views, waterfalls everywhere you turn and flower-covered hillsides filled with songbirds making their homes there.

Daryl creates pieces to remind everyone of their favorite times from childhood spent at home–those ones where everything was simple and happy; he brings those moments straight up in front of your face by taking his viewers on this journey down memory lane.

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