Lahaina Fish Co. is Maui’s oldest restaurant and has been serving locals for 30 years! We are committed to serving fresh, natural, and organic products. We specialize in local Hawaiian fresh seafood, fish and the restaurant’s specialties, which are prepared with the freshest ingredients from our state’s many diverse regions. Pono means a sense of peace and well-being. That’s what the Living Well menu items from E Ola Pono are all about; healthy, flavorful options that will help you achieve just that! These dishes may feature local ingredients, which often means they can be vegetarian or gluten-free.

Located at the corner of Front Street and Lahainaluna Road, our restaurant has a unique 360-degree view. The atmosphere is perfect for all occasions as you can feel your worries float away with each gentle breeze; moreover, they have been voted one of the best restaurants in this area by locals!

The fresh seafood, mouth watering aromas lingering in the air, and friendly servers will make you feel at home. The ambiance is casual island style with a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for your next meal out on Maui! Reservations are gladly accepted, but walk-ins can be accommodated.

Fresh, local seafood is an excellent way to start off your meal.

They love to serve the tastiest island fish. Some of their favorites include yellowfin tuna, dorado or moonfish, and opah! Whether it’s for lunch or dinner they have it all here in Lahaina Fish Co.

At Lahaina Fish Co., we strive to bring our guests the freshest catch of seafood and fish each day. Our expert local fishermen not only know which species will be best at any given time, but they also ensure that your meal is prepared just right with a delightful selection of recipes highlighting the different flavor profiles in every dish.

Chef Keith Salvador’s food is not only a local favorite, but it will also give you the opportunity to try some new dishes. For example, there are Ahi Katsu Rice Bowls and octopus that have been grilled on our signature Seafood Lau Lau dish.

This restaurant offers authentic island cuisine served in an atmosphere that is sure not disappointing. The culinary experience at this exquisite spot will take you through some of Hawaii’s most popular and well-loved cuisines with an eclectic menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. From Ahi Poke salad and Kalbi Chicken dishes to Maui Style Pork Ribs foodies can find a range of mouthwatering options on their menu!

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