Poipu is an idyllic little town located on the southwestern tip of Hawaii’s largest island – Kauai. This beautiful and remote region has been an attraction for visitors since it was discovered by Europeans more than 150 years ago. Although Poipu can be hot at times (due to its placement), there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy beach activities such as swimming and surfing all year long due to this part’s dry climate.

When the whaling industry was booming in the 1800s, Poipu became an important port of call. This led to Koloa becoming home to Hawaii’s first sugar mill and a major hub for economic activity during this time period. The once-dominant sugar industry would eventually give way by the late 20th century due largely because it had been supplanted by more modern industries such as pineapple plantations and tourism sites like Waikiki Beach.

Take a trip to the beautiful beaches of Poipu and experience local Hawaiian life as it was meant. Watch dazzling sunsets over Waimea Bay, explore lush rainforests in Koke’e State Park, or go for an early morning hike through Kauai’s own Grand Canyon- Wailua Falls!

Poipu’s appeal is evident in its pristine, sandy shores and the fact that it has been named one of America’s Top Ten Beaches by the Travel Channel. Visitors who are seeking a relaxing beach experience with plenty of suns should consider Poipu as their next destination!

Poipu, Hawaii Population

Poipu is a city in the state of Hawaii with less than 1,000 residents. Its population has been steadily decreasing over time as it’s grown by only about 2% since 2010 and reached its peak in 2017 at just under 1,100 people living there.

Explore Poipu

Shipwrecks Beach is a place where you can find solace in the serenity. Located at the end of Poipu beach, this spot has public facilities and ample parking spots for those who are looking to relax on one of Hawaii’s most popular beaches. However, be aware that there is no lifeguard station or any other safety precautions available here so it may not be suitable for all visitors. It gets its name from an old shipwreck that disappeared long ago but still leaves remnants along the shoreline today as people tell stories about what happened before they arrived on these shores and how some locals reverently refer to Shipwrecks Beach as “the sacred site”.

Located at the western end of the Poipu area is Spouting Horn. It’s a lava tube channels water and air with each incoming swell, giving off an eerie melody that resonates in your bones as well as shooting powerful geysers into the wind. This rocky coast does not have lifeguards on standby so watch for yourself but do come to listen to this eerily gorgeous symphony!

Beyond the sea, there are hidden gems of green in Kauai. You can find botanical gardens dedicated to preserving native plant and wildlife species that could be extinct soon! The Allerton Garden is just one such place – it offers guided tours and workshops for learning about Hawaii’s lush landscapes of fruit trees, taro patches, or even bamboo forests where you can connect with nature.

Poipu Shopping Village

From the moment you step foot in Whalers General Store, it feels like coming home. The store captures the essence of old Hawaii with a contemporary twist which makes shopping for your souvenirs and gifts an absolute joy! Located on Kalakaua Ave., this is not just any general store – they have everything from great Hawaii snacks to sunscreen so that all your needs are met during your stay here too.

Groceries and Spirits

If you’re visiting Poipu Beach for the first time, we recommend stocking up on all your food and spirit essentials at one of our South Shore grocers. You can find a wide selection of fresh fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables that will make cooking in unfamiliar surroundings much easier! If it sounds like too big an undertaking check out some tropical flowers to brighten things up instead – they are sure to be appreciated by anyone who comes home from work with no dinner plans!

Living Foods Market and Cafe

A hidden gem in the hustle and bustle of Kauai, Living Foods Market is a healthy haven for all your produce needs. The island is filled with an abundance of fresh produce, but there are some imports from Italy such as pasta and sauces that you can find. Their wine selection will please anyone who loves a good red or white! The restaurant offers breakfast crepes pizzettas salads sandwiches along takeaway food to go! Stop by this market any day 7 am-9 pm at Kukui’ula Shopping Center.

The Wine Shop

Wine Store Kauai provides an excellent selection that includes wines from around the world as well as gourmet food items like cheese boards and dried fruit sauces made by local farmers. You can also find beer here–including gluten-free varieties!–and spirits such as whiskey which make perfect gifts for friends back home who are missing their little piece of paradise. Their welcoming and helpful staff will be able to point out a good variety of wines for any occasion, whether it’s an important client meeting or just because. Island culture and tradition are a central part of the Wine Store Kauai experience. Come enjoy their monthly wine tasting on the first Saturday of every month. Watch as they pair each glass with delicious local samples to create both an interesting and savory sensory experience for you! For more information, visit them just across the street from Koloa’s Post Office and see how you like your next glass!

Let’s Go Shopping!

Kauai is the perfect place for a day of shopping. From art galleries to clothing and swim wear boutiques, Kauai has it all. Jewelry stores offer an array of styles that can be found from around the world while local craft shops have one-of-a-kind items only made in Hawaii!