Aloha! We at Sheraton Kauai Resort are so glad you found us. Our beautiful location in Hawaii’s Poipu Beach is a perfect place for your next vacation or business trip to the island paradise of Kaua’i. It is our goal that this hotel will be more than just an oasis – we want it to feel like home and experience all the joys Hawaiians have known and loved from generations ago, thanks largely due to traditions passed on by indigenous people such as hula dancing with locals passing down their knowledge through time-honored practices into promising futures today.

You can indulge in a little luxury and enjoy your leisure time with the help of an amazing hotel that offers you great access to all the best things on Kauai. From pristine beaches, lush rainforests, or world-class golf courses—they’re just steps away from our door! It’s paradise found without traveling too far from home thanks to this one kind resort offering guests such incredible amenities their stay will be truly unforgettable

We want you to feel like your home away from home while enjoying the luxury of our newly renovated guest rooms. With either oceanfront or garden views, we offer a memorable experience that cannot be found anywhere else! Let the warm tropical sun envelop you as your toes dig into white sand. Spend a day in our amazing ocean pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas, or have some fun at one of several on-site water parks!

Soak up the sun and revel in tropical breezes as you enjoy a mouth-watering, one-of-a-kind meal. RumFire Poipu Beach is one of the most romantic and intimate restaurants in Kauai. You can enjoy a stunning sunset while sipping tropical cocktails or roasted lamb chops with your loved ones at this renowned restaurant.

We’re the perfect destination for your next event! Our hotel offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues, so you can find just what you need. Whether it’s hosting an intimate family reunion or planning that unforgettable wedding celebration, we have everything to make sure your Kauai experience is one-of-a-kind.

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and sweet sea breezes. So if you’re looking for a destination that will make you never want to leave, Hawaii might be the perfect place! Here at Sheraton Kauai Resort we look forward to hosting all our guests so they can enjoy their tropical paradise experience just like us.

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