Situated on the waterfront a view that demands your attention in all directions. The mesmerizing colors and sounds merge to create an atmosphere as soft as silk sheets draped across jutting rock faces with hints of gold tingling from within the craggy rocks. Kauai’s hotel accommodations provide for those looking for a serene getaway or simply seeking relaxation while on vacation. Ko’a Kea is an intimate experience for guests wishing to immerse themselves in Hawaiian culture. With island hospitality at its finest and embodying the aloha spirit, this retreat will surely make you feel right at home! Ko’a Kea was voted the top Resort in Kauai and a formidable No. 5 among all of Hawaii by Travel + Leisure Magazine (2019). This is no small feat, as they are ranked against hundreds of hotels across both islands– with only two other resorts from Kauai ranking higher than Ko’a Kea at the fifth place! We hope that you will take the time to visit us for our luxurious amenities and unbeatable service so we can show you firsthand why we were given this prestigious honor.

Location of Ko’a Kea Hotel & Restaurant

Located on the south shores of Kauai, Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort is a gorgeous destination perfect for couples. Whether you’re looking to get away with your sweetheart or celebrate an anniversary this serene locale will not disappoint. Poipu is one of the sunniest spots on Kauai and this often remains true during most of the year. This area was given its literal Hawaiian meaning “crashing waves,” because it features some of the best coastlines around for beautiful beaches like Poipu Beach Park or Kiahuna Plantation to enjoy.

The best combination of sun, beaches, and cocktails is found in the beautiful tropical paradise that’s famously known as Kauai. The perfect beach for any type of vacation experience can be located on this gorgeous island where you’ll find Poipu Beach. The beaches of Poipu are a way to connect with nature. From the surf to underwater sea caverns and coral reefs, even sandy bottoms that offer rejuvenating rest for weary feet- this side of Kauai offers something unique from any other beach in Hawaii.


The Ko’a Kea Resort & Spa is a beautiful and romantic hotel that embodies rebirth through the use of coral as decoration. The ambiance at this resort will make you feel rejuvenated in no time.

We Care

Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort is a destination for travelers looking to relax, and as such has earned the Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED™ designation. The hotel boasts of its facilities that have appropriate health safety procedures in place which ensures guests can book with confidence when traveling here.

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