Skyline Hawaii is the best way to see Kauai’s rich foliage. This award-winning zipline eco-adventure will take you soaring over lush rainforest, cascading waterfalls, and some of Hawai’i’s most spectacular natural landscapes.

Ziplining is the perfect way to explore this beautiful region. You’ll have two options: 8 lines or 5 lines? The former takes you across an even more stunning distance of valley scenery with some dramatic ocean vistas mixed in for good measure. If that’s too much excitement for your taste, then opt instead for our short course which has fewer launches but offers views of both mountains and coastlines from elevated heights along its route as well as close looks at exotic gardens lining local riverside homes. Skyline Poipu was recently voted best Kauai Zipline tour because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Skyline is on the cutting edge of zipping in Hawaii with its most recent accomplishment being awarded “Kauai Best Extreme Tour.”

Take a Kauai Zipline tour at Skyline Poipu to experience why it was voted the best ziplining in all of Hawaii! This incredible tour offers views you can only dream about and is sure not disappoint.

Skyline Kauai is a company that offers tour guide services for extreme activities such as land adventures and zip lining.

The time has come to spread your wings and fly! The Kaanapali Skyline adventure awaits you with its 8 lines that give an up-close look at the world-famous views, including Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe islands as well as spectacular panoramas over West Maui from Wailea all the way northward to Kapalua Bay.

Skyline Akaka Falls is the company’s first franchise location, a 7-zipline experience in Hawaii that finishes with an exhilarating line high above Kolekole waterfall.

Kauai visitors can now soar over the island’s lush valleys in just minutes. The company has launched a new 8-zipline tour that will let them experience Kauai at an exhilarating altitude, all without driving or having to board any sort of plane!

Skyline has launched a campaign called Zip for the Trees, which will be hosted on an annual basis. The purpose of this event is to help at-risk youth by planting native trees in their communities and providing them with educational resources about how to take care of these plants themselves.

Skyline Kauai Mission

The Hawaiian Islands are a wonder to behold, but they need our help. We provide tours so you can see and experience the natural beauty of these islands firsthand while also aiding in conservation efforts through environmentally-friendly practices that preserve Hawai’s culture for future generations.

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