The scenic setting of Whalers Cove Resort lets you live your best life in Hawaii. The resort’s luxurious condos, ocean-view patios, and private pool provide the perfect escape from whatever ails you while being surrounded by all that is right with this world.

If you want to leave the resort, there are plenty of exciting things just a ten-minute walk away. Within that time frame on your jaunt outside of this tropical paradise, residents can shop for their favorite souvenirs or enjoy some delicious cuisine at one of Kauai’s best restaurants before heading out onto all four miles worth of sand and surf nearby!


Living by the sea has never been so lovely as it is here at Whalers Cove where every property offers ocean-side living – perfect if you love hearing those comforting sounds of nature all around, seeing dolphins swim past in happiness before watching children play nearby amidst such beauty.

Kauai has so many wonderful beaches to explore, get your towel and flip-flops ready! If you want a beach with white sandy shores that stretch for miles in front of you then Baby Beach is perfect. It’s also three minutes away from the bed & breakfast where I stay while on vacation here!

A family-friendly beach, Baby Beach is a perfect place for swimming and sunbathing. There’s something special about enjoying the teal waters of this hidden gem that typically doesn’t have as many crowds as some other beaches in Kauai will experience on any given day.

The ocean is so inviting that it feels like you can’t resist plunging in, but if the idea of getting your hair wet doesn’t feel appealing then head to Lawai Beach for excellent snorkeling! You’ll be able to snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Whalers Cove Resort thanks to their front desk staff. They have all kinds of diving equipment, and you can rent a mask and fins from them before entering the beach on your left – just watch out for rocks as you’re getting into the water!

You’ll never want to leave once you hit the water! The reef sits about 500 feet out from shore, and it’s a great place for snorkeling. Head near the rocks by Beach House restaurant where there is 3-15′ of depth just waiting to be explored. You might spot some tropical fish or sea turtles too!

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