Ewa Beach History

Ewa Beach is the area that was named after a stone from which all other stones originated. The mythology around this place tells us of Gods who played with rolling stones, then threw them away in an unknown direction where they landed and became Ewa’s namesake. In 1907, Honolulu County was incorporated; now it includes Ewa Beach as one of its many inhabitants today.

The population of Ewa Beach

Ewa Beach is situated on the west coast of Oahu in Honolulu County, Hawaii. It has a population of 14,479 and its current annual decline rate stands at 0%. Ewa Beach experienced an increase in 2016 with its highest number reaching 15165 people.

See the Beauty of Ewa, Beach

When you think of Hawaii, it’s easy to imagine palm trees and a sandy beach. However, many other places in Hawaii also deserve your attention! Ewa Beach is 10 miles away from the bustling city of Honolulu on Oahu Island.

Ewa Beach, Hawaii is an affluent town where residents enjoy sunny weather and abundant natural resources. Ewa also offers the pleasures of being at a distance from downtown while still retaining its close ties to that bustling metropolis.

Things to Do in Ewa Beach

People come from all over the world to enjoy beautiful beaches and water activities at Oneula Beach in Ewa. The Honolulu Zoo provides animals for visitors, while other local attractions include parks like Oahu’s west side’s favorite hangout spot – West Hawaii Community Park or a day of shopping with one-stop off at the nearby popular retail destination-Ewa Shopping Center. There are also plenty of fun events happening throughout this year such as beach cleanups hosted by Keep Ewa Beautiful every month at Waiahole Bay Recreation Area that you can participate in!

Fun Facts About Ewa Beach

Did you know that the Ewa side of Oahu has a total of elevel golf courses, depending on where you draw your boundary. But there are only six places in Ewa Beach alone-but there are only two that have “Ewa” in its name, and we enjoy this distinction.

Those who live in Ewa, or those of us who have lived there for a while, can attest to the perplexity and mystery surrounding what’s being said when someone says “Eh-wuh.” It is unclear as to whether it means “Yes” or if people are saying their name backwards (which would be pronounced Eh-vuh). This question has been debated since time immemorial by residents of this small island town with no clear answer provided yet.

There’s an odd confusion about how exactly one should pronounce the word ʻEwa – some say it like ‘eh wah’ and others claim that you’re supposed to enunciate every letter which would make it sound more like
What do Hawaiians themselves have to say?

Now, for those who don’t know: there are two different spellings of Ewa. ʻEwa and Ewa. But while both spellings have different meanings, they are similar enough to connect them as the same word.

The name Ewa, without the ʻokina means “to be wandering” or “lost.” While the Ewa with ʻokina it means to be crooked, imperfect in some way – even if that just refers to pronunciation!

Ewa is a place with deep roots in Hawaiʻi’s native culture. This ancient land division, called moku and founded on fishing practices, was home to some of the best fish caught anywhere on Oahu island. That tradition lives on through the many weirs still seen throughout Ewa today where fishing families cast their nets for fresh catch that they will bring back onto shore at sunset.

What to Eat at Ewa Beach?

Ewa Beach is home to traditional island dishes, fusion cuisine and Asian inspired fare. With a variety of restaurants for just about any taste or budget, Ewa Beach has something for everyone!

Island Style

Hawaiian cuisine is as diverse and creative as it gets. Influences from Japan, China, the Philippines, Tahiti and Portugal have led to distinctly Hawaiian dishes such as saimin which you can sample at Shiro’s Saimin Haven .

Loco moco, a popular Hawaiian dish consisting of fried rice (or noodles), eggs and bacon or hamburger patty topped with brown gravy has been adopted by many other cultures. Its popularity is apparent when you walk into L&L Hawaiian Barbecue where on any given day at lunch time there will be lines out the door waiting to order one!

Locally sourced ingredients make for an authentic plate lunch experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else in America – this includes not only food but also dishes like loco moco that are uniquely “Hawaiian.”

Japanese Food

The Japanese cuisine has a tremendous influence on the eateries in Ewa Beach. Restaurant Saito offers Teishoku dishes such as butterfish miso and unagi (sea urchin) kabayaki, while also having udon dishes for those not feeling adventurous enough to try raw fish yet. The combination of these two cultures is evident given its proximity to Japan right off their coastlines from generations ago; however, it was only when sushi became an art form that they were able to combine both styles into one dish–making Hawaiian style sashimi or poke bowls! If sushi is what you’re craving, look no further than the locally owned Ninja Sushi (ninja-sushi.com) or Genki Sushi (genkisushiusa.com). Both offer a wide range of dishes that will make your mouth water and taste buds dance!

Chinese Food

You can enjoy an authentic taste of China without ever leaving the island at Ewa Pointe Chinese Restaurant. Saimin, a dish with strong roots in Hawaii’s Chinese population is just one such example on their menu where you’ll find dishes like fried rice and chow mein alongside local favorites like kalua pork tacos or loco moco as well!

Other Eateries

The typical American restaurant chains are well represented in Ewa Beach but locals have a few spots to call their own. Elim Korean Barbecue offers authentic Seoul food at reasonable prices, while Pu’uloa Diner (puuloa-diner.com) serves up traditional American and island-style fare with stunning views of the water front property it sits on top of them all…Blazin Steaks has been around for decades and is still going strong; Zippy’s specializes in chili which you can buy from stores or eat right there!