The Hawaiian Railway Society is a way for you to experience the beauty of Hawaii without ever leaving your seat. The train runs through beautiful Ko Olina Resort and towards an active power station where it then heads back in the other direction, giving riders on both sides of its four-car trains breathtaking views from their front row seats and it offers a 90 minutes train ride to Kapolei from Ewa. The slow-moving trains make for an enjoyable experience that is perfect if you want something relaxing or just love riding them any chance you get. Kids who are especially into trains will probably have a blast making new friends during these trips too when they can’t stop staring outside through windows.

The Hawaiian Railway Society is committed to preserving Hawaii’s railroading history. In the past, they have saved engines that would otherwise be scrapped and restored them back to their original condition by replacing parts with authentic ones from similar models or customizing a new set of wheels for it. They also host events such as tours where you can take an up-close look at these great pieces of machinery first hand!

The Hawaiian Railway Society is a group of railway enthusiasts that restores and preserves pieces of history for future generations to enjoy. This non-profit organization was founded with the goal of reestablishing Hawai’i’s railroading culture by educating other people about its importance, which they have done through their museum as well as demonstrations on various railways across Hawaii Island. The society has members from all over the world who are committed to supporting its objectives through donations or volunteering their time for maintenance work on equipment.

Our historic railroad is the only one on Oahu and it’s also a museum! You’ll have to get out of your seat once in a while as we stop at scenic views, plantations, farms, ruins…you name it.

The thrill of adventure is waiting for you with a historic train ride. You’ll be treated to stories about the history of railroading in Hawaii and your journey will take you westward as far into Ewa territory that trains ever went!

You can have a special day at the picnic area before or after your ride. You could even make it extra special by arranging for an event (birthday, anniversary) in advance! However, the maximum capacity of passengers on the train is 180 persons.

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