Zippy’s Restaurants are a staple in the Hawaiian culture. Ask anyone from Hawaii and they will tell you about their weekly dinners with grandparents that were satiated after completing post-surf session munchies, or even romances won at Zippy’s restaurants – all thanks to its iconic food for celebrating it all!

Zippy’s was born from humble beginnings in 1966 when brothers Charles and Francis Higa opened their first restaurant on King Street. The original Zippy’s location is still open today, providing an experience for guests that hasn’t changed much over the years! Zippy’s has become one of Hawaii’s most iconic institutions with a total of 24 locations. They first opened up in Oahu and now they have expanded to Maui, Hawai’i Island, and soon Las Vegas!

For more than 50 years, people have been lining up to grab a bite at Zippy’s for their famous Zip Pac® Bentos. Whether it be to take on the beach or just enjoy an afternoon stroll around Waikiki, these zip pouches hold everything you need and offer convenience like no other! Zippy’s has been making all of the local and international tourists feel at home.

The Korean Fried Chicken has the perfect balance between tangy, spicy & sweet flavors that leave you wanting more. And to top it all off there’s our famous chili which leaves your mouth watering when you smell its aroma on even just one whiff! Our Zip Min® is so satisfying, you’ll never have to slurp another bowl!

We, at Zippy’s Ewa, we’re an eatery with something on the menu for every type of appetite. When it comes to satisfying your morning hunger pains or feeding those midnight snacks, we’ve got just what you’re looking for at prices that will leave some extra cash in ya wallet – not to mention daily specials so good they’ll make yer jaw drop! We’re not your typical restaurant, because we know that you don’t want a stuffy place where it feels like other people are watching and judging. That’s why when you come to one of our restaurants, we’ll serve up all the food in an inviting atmosphere by folks who will be happy to see you!

A taste of the islands awaits you when you visit our restaurant. You’ll feel like a true traveler in paradise as we serve up authentic Island favorites that will make your mouth water and get to know all about Hawaii with us!

We want you to know that we pride ourselves on going the extra mile when it comes to making good, hearty food. To do this, our team works with suppliers and partners so they can provide us with high quality ingredients for all of your tasty meals!

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