Dolphin Snorkel Sunrise not available Ko Olina, Oahu is the perfect excursion for a day at the beach.

Spend two hours on their tour and see up to twenty different species of marine life. The tour includes snorkel gear, instruction, and a Hawaiian-style lunch served after your trip. This company also offers whale watching!

Dolphin Snorkel Sunrise Tours is the best way to experience Hawaii.

With two snorkel sites and a wild dolphin experience, this tour provides the perfect opportunity for first-time snorkelers and experienced divers alike! Dolphin Snorkel Sunrise offers all-inclusive tours with lunch included, so you can relax and enjoy your day on Oahu. The company also has hydrophones that help you hear whales in season (December 15 through April 01).

Dolphin snorkel sunrise tours is a small family-owned business created to share the beauty and serenity of Hawaii. Our first tour site is located at Ko Olina, Oahu, where you will have the opportunity to see wild dolphins with your naked eye from the boat. The second snorkeling location is just North of Kaholuamanu Bay which has some fantastic coral reefs for catching beautiful tropical fish. After your morning adventure, we head back to our facility for lunch – a traditional Hawaiian plate served in an aloha spirit!

Dolphin Snorkel Sunrise not available Ko Olina, Oahu is a Hawaiian-style tour that will take you to two snorkel sites in the heart of Waikiki. The first site is 20-30 minutes away, and the second site is about 45 minutes away. Both sites have warm water, shallow water with coral formations, and fish to see. We also offer a Wild Dolphin Experience during your time on the boat!

The company offers a unique experience for people who want an adventure while visiting Hawaii. Dolphin Snorkel Sunrise is a family-owned and operated company. They provide snorkeling tours that take passengers to two different sites with wild dolphins at each location, depending on where they are in their annual migration pattern. The boat has bathrooms for the comfort of passengers. After returning from the tour, guests will have lunch served while listening to Hawaiian music and enjoying fantastic views of Oahu’s coastline and mountainsides.

Dolphin Snorkel Sunrise is a private snorkeling tour company that provides two sites and the opportunity to see wild dolphins. They offer a variety of tours, including whale watching in season. The tour includes lunch after the trip, drinking water on board, bathroom facilities onboard, and snorkel gear and instruction.

Dolphin Snorkel Sunrise offers a unique experience for all ages. Located in Ko Olina, the waters are calm and shallow with reef-protected bays. The company is located on an actual boat that goes out into the ocean to find dolphins – there’s no need to get wet! They offer two snorkeling sites: one 20 minutes long and another 30 minutes long. After your tour, you’ll enjoy a Hawaiian lunch served on board while enjoying drinks of tea or cocoa (you can bring your food). You’ll also have access to bathrooms onboard, as well as water available for purchase during tours.