Viewing wildlife in its natural habitat is one of the purest forms of relaxation.

Whether it’s making friends with a dolphin, spotting a boat full of whales, or volcanic activity, you’ll be changed by the island’s beauty and raw power for life on Earth. If you’re feeling adventuresome, ask us about booking a private charter for your group of surfer dolphins. We specialize in guaranteed encounters that will thrill your inner sea creature.

Join in the diversified family thrill of Freekin Fast, the most excellent way to get up close and personal with wild dolphins! Soar out over eight glorious acres where you’ll see plenty of charismatic faces waiting for interaction.

Deno’s GPI-500 powered paraglider will take you gently cruising through breathtaking Kona terrain – maybe even spotting a few whales or a giant humpback whale swimming by as they feed on schools of krill that have been drawn near the surface from below. But wait, you’ll see better, hear better, feel alive like never before as these fantastic creatures come right up to your fanny pack.

Greet Hawaii’s lovely dolphins as they join you for a fantastic experience on the water. Dolphins are known to frolic nearby year-round all along the west coast of this “Big Island.” Enjoy a hands-on touch with these charming mammals. But keep your feet down! They’ll be more than happy to jump in and splash around if you show them how good it feels on their backs and bellies. And yes, they can even jump over your head on their way up to dunk in the open ocean just below.

Our most popular activity is a dolphin-watching experience located in Kona. Pack your towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses for a spectacular day of lounging on the water with our island tour guide! Glide out there and relax at your leisure while we make sure you see all the fantastic creatures that call these waters home. Group activities are available too so, please don’t hesitate to ask about special rates for groups! Join us today to start having some fun in paradise.

Get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. You will board a private catamaran to spend 3 hours on the water watching, listening, and enjoying as the dolphins play around near our small boat. Unlock an adventure full of smiles!

This exciting dolphin experience offers you a one-on-one opportunity to get acquainted with these awe-inspiring mammals of Hawaii’s deep blue sea. Operated entirely by expert crews, your captain and crew will take you on a windless catamaran where everyone aboard has viewing access, unlike any other dolphin tour. Swimming is optional for most people, but remember that snorkeling gear can be rented (as well as masks).

Experience the beauty of unspoiled Big Island’s coastlines on a private dolphin excursion. Mix with these intelligent, sensitive creatures and their families as you explore Kona’s crystal blue waters in an all-inclusive day tour that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

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