Wailua Falls is a hidden gem in the lush landscape of Kauai. Located just outside of Lihue, this waterfall cascades into two streams that drop 80 feet below. Dropping off steep cliffs to form beautiful pools at their base, it’s not hard to see why Wailua makes for great spots for cooling down on hot days or even challenging your skills with some tubing! This short and sweet jaunt will take your breath away as double waterfalls plunge eighty feet down a rock face- with hikers able to get up close on one side of the falls, while those looking from afar experience both cascades in all their glory!

In old Hawaii, many people believed in legends. One such legend said that if anyone wanted to become head chief then he or she had to jump from this waterfall; however, others believe it is just for showmanship with no truth behind them at all. The waterfalls are a stunning way to experience Hawaii. Visitors can get up close and personal with the falls by taking an hour-long guided kayak or hike adventure on the Wailua River, which is one of the most scenic spots in Kauai. This five-hour adventure begins with a scenic and informative kayaking trip down the sacred Wailua River. They offer double kayaks that require no prior experience, but come certified by an experienced guide who points out ancient temples along the way while providing information about unique plant life in this area of Kaua’i!

The hike starts at the bottom of Wailua Falls, where you can climb to its base and admire it from below. From there, you will be able to take a dip in the pool with other hikers who may have come before or after you! Tourists are then transported back to the starting point, but this time they can enjoy a relaxing upstream paddle.

The waterfall itself is composed of more than two hundred different waterfalls which shoot out of a forty-foot gorge. During the early part of October to March the waterfall shoots out up to a height of over twenty five hundred feet. At this time the water is warm and tends to pool into the rocks below causing the waterfalls to dim somewhat. Throughout April to mid-July the Wailua falls are entirely filled and the water is warm again.

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