Sea Quest has been providing personal and exciting experiences along the South Kona Coast since 1988. From white-water rafting down the powerful Hualalai River to exploring underwater creatures at gentle depths with our certified instructors from our shore excursions boat – we are here for every type of water activity you can imagine!

Kealakekua Bay

Your sea quest begins with a scenic boat ride to Kealakekua Bay where you will experience the best snorkeling in Hawaii. Walking down to Ka’awa Loa beach, and get your swimwear on for an exciting adventure! Alongside our experienced guides, view the Captain Cook Monument before exploring this historically rich area of coastline by swimming among vibrant corals while spotting tropical fish feeding just beneath them or drifting off into slumber during their afternoon nap. This is one journey that can’t be missed out on- so grab your gear now and embark upon Sea Quest’s daytime adventures today!

If it’s the first time you’ve ever gone diving or snorkeling at Kealakekua Bay Marine Sanctuary in Hawaii, this place might just be what you’re looking for. This location has become a popular spot among those who know how great their ocean surroundings can look beneath the surface – even from as deep down as 30ft below sea level. With such depth range being possible here due to these waters’ average clarity which reaches about 100 ft visibility rate. You’ll find yourself at ease and comfortable with the waters of this cove. You don’t have to worry about novice snorkelers getting eaten by a shark or anything like that because this is one safe place for you! We offer several types of flotation devices so our customers can take their time, relax when they need it most.

Honaunau Bay

The Place of Refuge isn’t just a monument to the past, it’s also an excellent National Historic Park with many features. Honaunau Bay is one such feature that offers fantastic snorkeling opportunities and don’t forget about honu! One of the most prized creatures is a Hawaiian green sea turtle, which has been nicknamed Honus. They are found in abundance at this beach and we ask that everyone leaves them alone to do what they please without touching or harassing them! The EXPEDITION tour also snorkels at a third site chosen by us based on prevailing conditions for your safety.

Incredible Kona Snorkeling Tour

Snorkel with us and be transported to a different world as you explore the mesmerizing, beautiful sea caves around Kona. Your captain will share fascinating stories about this region’s history, legends, and lore – all while your snorkeling gear is on board so there’s no need for cumbersome equipment or extra rentals! For over 30 years we have specialized in small group tours just like these that provide our guests an intimate experience of one of Earth’s most incredible places.

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