The Royal Kona Resort is a perfect getaway to escape the stress of everyday life. With all-new renovated guest rooms and suites, you’ll be treated like royalty with every stay!

Imagine the cool, refreshing sea breeze on your skin. The sounds of waves crashing create a soothing sound as you relax in our outdoor pool or garden. Crisp white linens and elegant design make for an effortless stay that feels like home with all luxuries included! Be sure to stop by one of our restaurants where we will delight your taste buds with island-inspired cuisine from breakfast through dinner time while enjoying spectacular views overlooking Maunalua Bay. If relaxation is what you need, come visit Royal Kona Resort today!

Savor succulent seafood straight from the sea or indulge in mouth-watering salads as they sizzle on your plate – all while enjoying views of palm trees swaying seaward beneath a sunny sky filled with bright stars that dance among velvety blackness towards dawn’s golden horizon. Or enjoy some time poolside after sampling handcrafted cocktails like Mai Tais under towering shady palms around one of two beautiful pools whose shores are lined by tall tropical plants bursting forth in green splendor.

Be a part of the island experience and learn about Hawaiian culture by visiting one of our travel destinations. The Voyagers for the Pacific Luau is an excellent opportunity to explore active volcanoes or scuba dive with manta rays!

The hotel has the best of everything you could want when it comes to an island getaway. You can spend time relaxing in their spa, enjoy delicious food and shopping at local shops, or just take a stroll on the beach with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter what you do while visiting because every moment will be one that’ll never forget!

Take a nice walk along Kailua-Kona’s beaches this afternoon for some great ocean views and delightful scenery amid tropical rainforests then stop by our serene Spa where we have massage therapists ready to help soothe away any aches from exploring all day long. If tennis is more your thing – there are two courts right outside our doors waiting for eager players looking to test!

Royal Kona Resort is the perfect place for your next vacation. Whether you’re looking to experience some of Hawaii’s most iconic attractions or just want a relaxing getaway, our luxurious resort has plenty of options waiting on offer for you. From convenient packages that include airfare and hotel accommodations to pre-purchase deals like breakfast or car rental plans, we’ve got it all!

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