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The Puʻuloa Beach Park is a great beach for families. There’s plenty of open space, and the pavilion provides shelter from rain or sun as needed. It also has BBQ pits you are welcome to use with your family! This hidden gem of a beach is the best spot for families who are looking to get away from it all. You will never have trouble finding a picnic table in this park. Not only does the long ribbon of pearlescent south-facing sand stretch far beyond what we see from inside, but there are plenty to choose from along its length too! Weekdays bring an escape for those who loathe crowds and so on weekends it is all about being with your favorite people at beautiful beaches.

The alluring turquoise water and the sandbar make this a perfect place for surfing. With lefts, rights, from 2ft to 4 ft in height surfers can enjoy their time here with peace of mind as they know there are always waves present that will suit them.

This park has all the amenities you could want, including a baseball field and basketball court for those looking to have some fun in the sun. The picnic tables provide shade during sunny afternoons while there’s also ample space on this huge grassy area if you just want to kick back and relax away from it all. The downside is that a lot of this isn’t very well kept up so most everything seems to be run down (except the newer kids playground). The trees are in varying levels of health, but there’s not much else about it that feels new. It does seem like some improvements have been made recently though as I did see someone painting over graffiti on one side while bike riding by and when I came back later they had already finished!

The sand stretches endlessly ,a wide expanse of beach with plenty of space. It is rare to see people here so it feels like you have your private escape from society when dipping in for some time at this remote destination.

This beach is a wonderful option for baseball, basketball, or even just lounging on the grass and enjoying some sun. However if you’re looking to explore more of Oahu’s beaches keep in mind that there are many other options out there which will be far better than this one due its limited size.

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