The key to living in the moment is not only to pull yourself close and hold tight but also soak up as much of what’s before you. We can’t guarantee that our Kayaks will be stocked with human conversationalists. This was an anomaly. And if we could, they would indeed say something like “This trip is about serenity,” or even suggest a new exercise regimen: Sit, talk, snorkel.” You’ll LOVE this vacation adventure! You’ll get to kayak, snorkel in the beautiful Turtle reef, and see whales living close up with their families. Your day is filled with spectacular natural – sometimes even surreal – beauty few people have ever had the opportunity to experience. So, explore Hawaii’s fascinating underwater world face-to-face.

Imagine gliding through the water on a kayak, your paddle deftly cutting through the ocean. You’re feeling every stroke and getting an aerobic workout while watching views of dolphins, seals, sea turtles, and other fish swimming by. Sounds like paradise? Then it would help if you got out to Olowalu. A quick trip from Honolulu, a day at Olowalu, means spending time in history that once lured royalty from all over with its beauty. You can explore mounds reflecting prehistoric Hawaiian sites before stepping onto pristine beaches where coconut palms blanket turquoise waters. 

Kayak and Turtle Reef Snorkel at Olowalu. Spend the day with your family exploring Hawaii’s crystal clear waters, feel the waves brush you as you kayak along with one of our most stunning beaches in West Maui. See majestic views of the West Maui Mountains, explore 1000’s colorful tropical fish and sea turtles swimming below you through your snorkel gear, meet Humpback Whales from December to May in the offshore waters of the Hawaiian Islands National Whale Marine Sanctuary (just for a moment!) during specially guided whale watching tours which depart Mondays and Fridays. Hear whales talk live at offshore snorkeling areas where an underwater microphone connects to a wireless speaker onboard your kayak—looking for the perfect vacation? Spend time exploring Hawaii’s magnificent sea life and the underwater ocean. Kayak along with Sea turtles, tropical fishes, and Humpback Whales.

Kick-off your day with a terrific adventure! This kayak and snorkel tour begins at the most beautiful beach in Hawaii. Forget speeding waves. Allow dolphins to jump right next to you as they swim past the clear waters of Olowalu Bay. Explore sand bars, coral reefs, and sea life while paddling or sitting on your kayak seat. Snorkels are available for rent. Waterproof digital cameras are also available for purchase if you want more memories of what you’ve seen than your memory alone can handle. 

Discover the magic of the surrounding most pristine reefs on a guided snorkel tour. Our knowledgeable guides are skippered by experienced sailors who provide instruction, safe passage, and unforgettable memories. Life jackets, equipment rental, bottled water, and healthy snacks. For those with little ones in tow, this is one adventure that will put you above all their “favorite day” lists—feeling adventurous? Learn all about the wonders of Hawaii and its underwater delights! We’ll take care of everything—bring your bathing suit, towel, water shoes (for non-sandy beaches), sunscreen, and hat. Bring an extra plastic bag to store souvenirs like seashells you find en route. Ready for this adventure?