Live in haste, explore at leisure.

Live in haste, explore at leisure. That’s the motto of this kayaking adventure that will leave you with lasting memories of Maui fun and adventure. You’ll learn about all the wonders of South Maui from a different perspective as we check out tiny tropical plants and soaring West Maui mountains from clear waters with summer temperatures averaging a comfortable 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This coastline is full of sea turtles which can be seen year-round, but it’s best to visit us during nesting season when females come ashore every two or three nights to lay eggs. After snorkeling for 2 hours in Makena Landing Marine Preserve or Olowalu Cove Marine Sanctuary, we’ll have lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants, followed by time relaxing.


Traveling is the best of all worlds

You get to see new things, create lasting memories and take as many pictures as you want! Maui is one of those places that make everyone long for a visit soon because it’s unlike anywhere else they’ve ever seen. Standing out in front of the beautiful West Haleakala Mountains on the way to Makena Landing,

you can’t help but feel excitement unfold at your feet. The wind whips through your hair and cools you down from what could have been an over-hot day. This place is truly magical, which makes it encore to return someday. Let’s start building some great memories right now: 3 hours with adventure guaranteed!

Maui has many beaches, but none compare to what you will experience at South Maui Turtle Reef company. Our mission is not to give you just a snorkel from the shore but instead help you have an intimate and unique adventure with sea creatures up close. You’re welcome to bring your kids on this excursion. We even have some kayaks that can accommodate more than one person! We promise there’s something for everyone with free parking for parents as well!

South Maui Turtle Reef is an excellent spot for families and even has accommodations steps away from the location. South Maui offers kayaking and snorkeling tours for groups of 2, 3, or 4 people. There are plenty of turtles to sea and marine life like eels and different types of fish! Book now to get your family some great memories they’ll talk about year after year.

Ever had the feeling of someone watching over you? Like if you flail a little, they’ll be right there with their hand extended to guide your head back down under the water or reassure you that everything’s going to be ok? Our role as guides at South Maui Turtle Reef Discovery Makena Landing is our role, and we love it. This is why even when we’re not on duty, many of our guests know just who to call for an on-site snorkeling adventure. This is what comes from years in this full-time job–our staff work hard so that once every eight hours off, they have something fun planned against them ever drying out.