Justin and Randy want you to feel drawn “toward their sea” of glass art, like one would be drawn towards the mysteries and beauty that lie within an endless blue horizon on a calm serene day by the shoreline with waves gently crashing against each other while sand crunches softly beneath feet worn from walking along miles worth of beaches up until arriving at this destination where all becomes illuminated before making way back down another mile long beach road once again alone except now feeling refreshed!

Randy Schaffer and Justin Brown, the artists infuse their glass sculptures with the “breath of aloha” to make your home feel like a paradise. They are a group that has been crafting many pieces for over ten years, using Hawaii as their inspiration while they give back to the islands in ways like scholarships or donations at art fairs.

Holding onto the breathy-sweet culture and traditions from this beautiful place is important even when living on another continent because there is still so much beauty happening here every day that needs sharing!

These hand-sculpted pieces have unique, magical qualities that imbue with the Hawaiian essence wherever they are showcased. Some of their pieces are light and airy while others carry grounding energy within them.

Makai Glass is a unique product that will allow you to feel like an explorer again every day without ever leaving home. You’ll be able to preserve memories from your favorite trips or travels while also capturing moments as they happen during everyday life through this one-of-a-kind piece of art!

As a Hawaiian word, MAKAI means “toward the sea” and is symbolic to these Artists. They chose this name because they’re attracted to the island of Maui with its mystical waves that form as it’s pushed by the wind off of nearby islands and all of its mystical waves.

The evolution process for making glass is fascinating – just think about it: one day you’re flowing down into an underground pool as liquid rock, then next thing you know it’s caught up on top with other rocks being baked by fires until voila! your eyes are gazing at clear panes reflecting light like diamonds beneath precision laser cut lines in sparkling jewel tones throughout our homes today.

The glass art of Justin and Randy is so mesmerizing that it feels like you’re walking on the beach. They want you to feel as if their work will take your breath away because in a sense they are making waves with every piece created!

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