The Sacred Garden welcomes anyone who wants to come and enjoy the beauty of nature. The garden is open daily, 10-5 pm, for everyone to visit at their leisure!

The Sacred Garden is a verdant paradise where anyone can enjoy the beauty of nature from dawn to dusk. The garden features more than 800 species of plants, trees, and shrubs as well as an extensive walking path that winds past ponds teeming with waterfowl and over bridges spanning babbling brooks.

The labyrinth on site encourages reflection for those who wish to explore their spirituality or simply need time away from everyday life but there’s plenty else going on too like concerts in our pavilion-style bandstand, educational horticultural workshops led by local experts or just having coffee at one of many tables set out throughout the grounds.

A peace sanctuary, a nursery, a retreat center- relaxation and rejuvenation are the lifeblood of this garden. A botanical garden; education is an enormous part of it as well with its school for children to learn about nature. There’s also beauty in creativity at this place!

We also have artful Buddha gardens with water lily ponds where you can enjoy peaceful moments alone with nature in peace while your worries melt away; meditation is encouraged here!

The Sacred Garden supports many plant species, including Living Shrines and Fairy Gardens. It houses two walking labyrinths as well as meditation gardens that are perfect for those looking to kick back or take time away from the chaos outside of the garden walls.

The Divine Nature Alliance is a public charity that creates and maintains the Sacred Garden, bending much of its energy towards maintaining free entrance to keep this beautiful sanctuary open for everyone. We are a sanctuary for all people. Amidst the chaos of everyday life, we offer peace to nurture your spirit through prayer or meditation in our non-denominational space.

The Sacred Garden is a place of wonder. It’s the largest greenhouse in and contains 10,000 square feet of plant-life to explore. We have a vast selection of plants that are coming and going all the time! Our plants range from orchids, tropicals, succulents to waterplants. We also carry palms and anthuriums to name a few.

Visit The Sacred Garden for a place to contemplate, pray, grieve or celebrate. You can write in their community journals and use the art table while you’re there too! Spend some time reading through one of our books at the library before visiting with friends over tea on your visit. Afterward find peace and solitude as you spend some time in silent surrender within this beautiful sacred garden space.

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