Attending all of your photography needs, we offer various tours every day to ensure that you get plenty of time to capture those breathtaking shots in Kaua’i’s lush countryside. However, booking one way to see it all would be missing out! Enter our customized photo flights that allow any two guests an hour in the sky for just $675 per guest or one-hour flights beginning at $1300 per person–helicopters are not so expensive when you consider how much beauty is included—step aboard a Kauai Helicopter Tour door-on or doors-off, with personalized pilot narration and guaranteed window seats. Soar 3,000 feet in the air over beautiful Kauai Island for 60 minutes. Ground tours will never be that exciting again.

Don’t call them helicopters—they’re your transportation to Kauai’s landscapes. Get up there and take an aerial selfie with Mother Nature from the doorless cockpit of a scenic helicopter so you can get that vantage point that others are missing. Who needs a compass to direct you to the best spots on Kauai? Let our skilled pilots show you around as we offer 1-2 hour photo flights. The beauty of Kaua’i unfolds before your eyes as we take you up high so that every detail is captured from the time of your departure until landing—catch a glimpse of the fantastic jungle or lush rainforest below. You can ask for doors open or closed, tell us what kind of narration you want and let us know if there are any points along the way that are priorities for picture capturing. Enjoy climbing 300 feet in just six minutes, get an aerial view of our working mansions below, and capture iconic beach scenes like Seven Pools or Hanalei Beach Cove.

Kauai has some of the best views in Hawaii, and you need a way to capture them. Kauai Helicopter Tour is your ticket with unforgettable helicopter tours over pristine valleys, mountain peaks, lush rainforests, beaches, and volcanic craters! Doors are on or doors off! Let the friendly pilot give personalized narration about what she sees below as we take the trip of a lifetime all from our seats. No license is required and guaranteed window seats for up to 2 people at $675 per hour. 

Hang out of the open doors to capture an expansive view that will take your breath away. A perfect day for a helicopter flight is one with high, white cottony clouds and blue, hazy skies. It’s not just about getting up close and personal to breathtaking waterfalls or soaring over lush valleys before diving deep into sparkling bays or secluded coves in search of dolphins breaching playfully off Kauai’s shoreline. You come as you are – drop-ins welcome too! We also offer special group rates on certain days/times when purchasing more than one seat per passenger in advance. Get set for a breathtaking Kauai Helicopter Photos Flight experience through the Garden Island on your personalized photo flight. You’re in charge of where to go and what you want to see.