Kauai’s most beautiful geographical wonders are inaccessible by roads or trails and can only be viewed from the air! With our private helicopter tours of Kauai, you’ll experience this enchanting island like no one else. We invite you to experience its natural beauty with Ohana (family), ensuring that each passenger has a window seat to these unexplored marvels. 

We offer a tour for 1-3 people, so you don’t have to worry about devoting hours out of your trip for just the aerial sightseeing part. Of course, we also provide scenic flights, so if seeing all of the Awaawapuhi Falls is vital to you, then we can do that too. Kauai is one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii. Let us show you her secrets by taking a helicopter flight over Kauai. The flight takes about 60 minutes, and you’ll see beautiful geographical features like Waimea Canyon, Kilauea volcano emitting ash plumes, Jurassic Park-like Dramatic cliffs with the deep emerald light blue ocean below. Enjoy seeing all these fantastic sights while relaxing in our private chopper.

We are for private flights only so that each person has an uninterrupted view! You also won’t share your tour with anyone from other parties who might be creeps or have obnoxious kids running around who can’t sit down for more than 5 minutes to enjoy what you do. Kauai Helicopter Tours are the perfect way to experience Kauai, with views of Mount Waialeale’s Royal Rainforest, vast waterfalls in Angel’s Bath and Wailua River. The helicopter ride is available for 1-3 people and features a removable door so that each passenger has their window seat. These tours are all about family fun, showcasing the beauty of this unique island’s landscapes.

Experience Kauai from the sky with our family on a tour of Kauai Helicopter Tours. It’s never the same twice unless you’re taking pictures of this beautiful island every day. Join us in exploring all that is out there as nature takes its course! 60 minute helicopter tour once per day at 8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, or 3:00pm. Private flights for up to three people are available 9-12 months out of the year, so please get in touch with us ahead of time if you’re interested in joining an earlier group experience (or staying longer). Aloha Kauai Helicopter Tour is the island tour for every traveler! You can see both coasts of Kaua’i and views from 10,000 feet. This private helicopter tour has room for three people with removable doors and window seats so you’ll feel like a part of the family. Get in touch with someone today to book your flight on an Aloha Kauai Helicopter Tour!

Stay in comfort while flying with the Kauai Helicopter Tour. With a private helicopter, you get to discover the breathtaking scenery of Hawaii. Make it unforgettable for all your friends on their upcoming vacations. Taking a Kauai Helicopter Tour is the best way to explore this tropical island! Like all flights, expect to be granted amazing views of some of Kauai’s most beautiful and inaccessible geographical wonders. Bring your family along and create memories that will last for years. To book your tour, you’re just one click away from Hawaii’s most pleasing experience!