Spend your days at the resort with two pools to choose from, enjoying a day in Kauai’s beautiful beaches. If you’re feeling adventurous and would like to explore remote parts of our island, take an adventure exploring natural wonders or one of our scenic heights.

Kauai Shores Hotel provides a comfortable accommodation that offers every amenity that will make your visit relaxing from head to toe! All suites have been recently updated with new furniture and décor throughout including luxurious linens, fluffy towels, flat-screen TVs & free Wi-Fi available throughout all public spaces so guests can enjoy their time spent here without feeling disconnected.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of lapping waves as you gaze out onto pristine ocean views from your stand-alone air-conditioned room with a private open balcony, or enjoy a fresh fruit breakfast on our outdoor patio in front of our breathtaking mountainside sunrise while sipping hot coffee.


You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for exploring, thanks to a breathtaking Kauai sunrise from your deluxe garden view suite. And with the in-room kitchenette within walking distance of all resort amenities—plus enough space for 4 people at 384 square feet per night—you’re bound to find yourself wanting more!


Explore Kauai and its hidden treasures with a Dollar or Alamo rented car from our rental package. You’ll get daily use of a compact ride, free parking at your hotel for the length of your stay, and waived hospitality fee to boot! Pick-up is based on availability but guaranteed upon booking confirmation- no need to wait around in line waiting for other guests’ cars. Rates are subject to change by available inventory as well as when/if you book.


A group of adventurous travelers will have the time of their lives exploring Kauai at an attractive hotel with newly renovated rooms. You’ll save significantly on rates by connecting with our Group Travel Program and enjoy all-new features, including a perfect location for easy access to prime attractions in this beautiful destination.


Kauai Shores Hotel is honored to host you during your time here with us. With so many things wanting visitors’ attention that’s why it is important that we provide gracious service from our staff members who will be more than happy to ensure every need is met before they know it themselves – guaranteed aloha spirit awaits!

We hope you enjoy your stay at Kauai Shores Hotel and take full advantage of our amenities to make the most out of this magical island. You’ll have a comfortable bed, all kinds of water sport options right outside your door, endless opportunities for hiking or exploring nature trails in every direction, plus so much more!

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