The Place of Legend

Your dreams have never been closer to becoming reality. You’ll find them in the perfect Kauaʻi resort, a breath of fresh air on our coast and worlds away from your worries back home. With all the things you’ve imagined – beautiful beaches, blue skies dotted with towering palms trees that sway gently overhead as they whisper secrets through their fronds; or any number of adventures awaiting discovery just outside hotel walls – this is paradise found at last!

Your Next Paradise

Kauai Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect blend of Hawaii’s traditional hospitality and culture with all the modern amenities to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Located on 25 acres, this property features stunning views from every angle that can be enjoyed by any guest who walks through its doors. From a resort-style pool complete with water slides for kids or adults alike, an endless list of beachside activities.

Rooms Suited For You

Kauaʻi is one of the most beautiful places in America. It’s difficult to put into words just how amazing it can be, so we don’t even try! Instead, we want you to experience these breathtaking views and truly connect with nature by staying at our resort. We have different rooms for any type of traveler: from a tranquil suite overlooking lush gardens or an ocean-view room right on that sparkling blue water; there’s something perfect here for everyone.

Discover, Explore

Discovery is our passion, and we plan for it every day. You’ve just never experienced a discovery like this before, so prepare to be amazed as you embark on an adventure of your lifetime with us by taking the most incredible journey ever made exclusively tailored to fit what interests YOU!

Kauai Weddings

We are always on the horizon, but we’ll never be too far away. Your moments shape our memories: Happily Ever After Begins Here! From intimate weddings to grand affairs, let us accommodate your wedding of any size and make it a reality- down to every last detail. We work closely with you so that nothing is missed or overlooked in pursuit of your perfect day from start to finish.

Culture and Community

Kauaʻi is considered by many to be the most ancient island in all of Hawai’i. Although it may not have as much rich heritage or a long history, Kauaʻis culture and traditions are undeniably unique and worth celebrating. At its center lies an unending tradition for hospitality that has welcomed visitors from around the world through events like Connecting, Celebrating, & Educating (CCE). These three pillars give us just a glimpse at what this beautiful place can offer while also teaching them about how sustainable living serves as one of their greatest strengths here on Kauai Island; home to some amazing people who appreciate life’s little gifts too!

Rooms and Suites

You have found your inner sanctuary with our spacious accommodations.
We’ve modified services and amenities to ensure that you can find peace of mind here, so come in and let us pamper you!

Deluxe Partial Ocean View- King

Are oceans calling your name? Sleep with the sound of waves crashing, wake up to a spectacular view. Our Deluxe Partial Ocean View rooms have bright and modern decor, private lanai access for relaxing or entertaining on those warm days at sea! Free WiFi keeps you connected from anywhere in our roomy accommodations that offer plenty of space for spreading out and finding some rest.

Want to stay in a room with an amazing view? Check out our newly renovated deluxe rooms. These are the perfect place for people who want peace and privacy, as they have their own private lanai (deck) overlooking Kauai Resort’s pools below. They feature contemporary styling and free WiFi so you can interact with friends from afar or catch up on your favorite shows online!

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