Nestled in the Upcountry Maui area, North Shore Lookout is a luxurious Bed and Breakfast with nine acres of beautiful agricultural land. A great getaway for those looking to relax on lush green grass or take advantage of scenic hikes nearby Makawao town.

Nearly every morning, guests wake up to the sound of roosters crowing and pigs grunting. It’s not surprising that many visitors have remarked on how relaxing it is at North Shore Lookout .

The North Shore of Hawaii is an incredible place to visit, but it’s also one that can be overwhelming for some. If you are looking for a calm and serene location away from the crowds near this area, then Napili Bay Beach Resort should be your next destination! The resort has beautiful views of both the ocean as well as West Maui mountains which make its tranquil setting perfect for anyone who wants to escape city life.

The beach at Napili Bay offers stunning views with miles upon miles of coastline in either direction along with cool green trees lining up against white sand beaches on each side making it truly breathtaking here while being surrounded by only those who have chosen this wonderful spot just like you did today.

However, Our centrally located hotel is a great starting point if your goal is exploring every inch that this beautiful Hawaiian Island has to offer; whether it be heading west toward Hanauma Bay or sunset at Haleiwa Beach Park on Oahu’s North Shore – we’re just footsteps away from both destinations. You’ll be able to indulge in your adventurous side with all of the activities and adventures that this Upcountry area has to offer. With so much variety, it’s hard not find something new from biking or hiking up a mountain top for an incredible view!

A Bed and Breakfast with all the modern amenities of a hotel, North Shore Lookout is redefining what it means to be traditional. With proximity to activities like surf breaks and dining spots in Waimea town, large suites that are perfect for family gatherings or special occasions as well as delicious breakfasts made from fresh ingredients sourced locally on Kauai’s north shore, they’re giving guests more than just a place to lay their head at night!

The North Shore Lookout is a visual haven for those seeking tranquility. The recent full remodel added to the Polynesian plantation feel and has made all rooms designed with privacy, serenity, and rejuvenation in mind.

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