“Mendes Ranch and Trail rides in Wailuku Maui are a great way to spend a day with your family.” That is what visitors to Wailuku Maui will often hear during their first visit to this picturesque beach resort. The reason for that statement is simple: the ranch is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening. “Mendes Ranch and Trail rides in Wailuku,” have become a synonymous phrase with visitors to Wailuku Maui. The trail rides include everything from trekking, to mountain biking, to biking and walking. In fact, on any given weekend, you are likely to find several different tours offered through this Maui vacation rental service.

“We start at the Mendes Ranch and trail rides in Wailuku begin at the end of that road. We take visitors onto private land owned by the Mendes family. Each family member goes out to preserve a little bit of his or her property and each property has its own little set of trails to blaze.” – Greg Biffle

Visitors are guided to trails by an experienced trail camper who explains the terrain and describes the history and legend of the land. Most of these trails are open year round, but there are some sections which must be closed due to issues relating to environmental as well as safety purposes. However, most of these tracks are open year round for those who wish to explore. The ranch also offers its visitors a variety of guided tours, which include helicopter rides and treks through the bush. These tours are led by professional guides who have been trained in conservation, tourism and adventure sports.

Some visitors to the ranch opt to simply camp at one of the two cabins on site. Two large picnic tables are placed in the center of the grounds so that you can grill or eat on the grass. Your cook can prepare most of your meals right outside of your cabin. You will also find a playground, swimming pool, tennis and an outdoor fireplace.

While you are staying at the Mendes Ranch and Trail Rides in Wailuku, you can take in the beautiful scenery that defines this area. As you pass through the area, you will see evidence of long-time traditions such as weaving, crab fishing and other activities that people have practiced here for generations. Many of these activities continue today, as some of them were started by the first Polynesians who first settled at the Mendes Ranch. Today, the ranch and trail offer horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and whitewater rafting, among other activities.

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