Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens rest among steep slopes kept along the Wailua River. It is also known as Wailua River State Park and is a wonderful park to visit especially for locals and visitors who want to experience nature in a natural setting. The park features the Wailua River State Historic Park, Puna Nuevara Historic Park, and the Wailua River State Botanical Garden. A visit to the park is truly a memorable experience, one which you will never forget.

Kepaniwai Park is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists. The park features gardens and natural resources that were created during the 1800s by the Wailea Indians. There are many cultural exhibits at the park, which showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Wailea. Some of the more interesting attractions are a traditional maui hale, an early Hawaiian house, a Portugal-styled villa with garden, native huts in the Philippines, the Japanese-built pagoda and a Chinese-style pavilion with statues of dragons. You can also walk through some of the old-growth forests at the park.

One of the great things about the Kepaniwai Park is its proximity to the island of Maui. While staying at a lodge on the Wailua River, you can take a boat ride across the moai statues at Mano Juan State Park. The lush green landscape is very beautiful and offers a breathtaking view of the island and its surroundings. One of the major highlights of visiting Kepaniwai Park is the Maia Boulevard, which runs from North Maui to Oahu. On this boulevard, you will find hawaiian-themed shops, gift stores, hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

If you are visiting the area, you may be interested in visiting some of the unique Hawaiian attractions available to visitors. One of the best attractions of all time, the Polynesian Cultural Center has recently been featured in the movie “Windtalkers.” You can see the actual relics of Polynesian culture in a natural setting. If you love dancing, there is a beauty ball center on the premises, which will help you learn how to tap dance while staying at one of Hawaii’s most luxurious hotels.

If you want to experience the serenity of being in nature, there is no better place than the Wailuku area. This part of town is like an island itself with palm trees, grassy lawns, and tropical gardens. At Wailuku Hotel, you can stay in a room that overlooks Wailea Canyon. This will allow you to observe firsthand the changing colors of the foliage and take in the peaceful sounds of falling water. Of course, no visit to Kauai would be complete without taking in one of the many restaurants in town, including Papaya King Crab, Sweet Tomatoes Inn, and Tana restaurant.

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