A beautiful artist who owns her Gallery in the heart of Makawao town has a reputation for being one of our favorite ones to visit. You can usually find this talented painter hard at work, creating new masterpieces on canvas and paper while you are there! Visiting is always an interesting experience because no two visits will be alike.

Her work is a collection of moments in time where she focuses on the task at hand: great paintings, and even better memories.

She paints to capture the essence of a moment in time. She takes my easel and sketchbook outside with her so that the physical surroundings can inspire my work. When painting Plein air (painting on-site), she needs to let nature shape how each piece progresses; from color palette choices down to brushstrokes and composition. Painting outdoors lets you get lost within your art form as well as immersed into something greater than yourself: Nature itself!

Jordanne has an amazing story that is not only American but also one of the few female-owned companies in a male-dominated industry. Her gallery continues to soar to new levels with her pieces every year and she never seems satisfied as it just keeps getting better and better. She’s using a variety of mediums, such as oils and acrylic with gold leaf to create paintings that are both imaginative in their content yet realistic in the depiction of light.

The artist is known for her paintings of beautiful landscapes and cityscapes, often in a style that recalls the Impressionists. However, she also has experimented with other media such as glazing in order to capture fleeting moments or build up more intricate textures on canvas.

In some cases, she seeks to capture the poetry of a moment by using an ancient technique called glazing. She goes back to paintings done before her time in order to make these connections and learn what works best for capturing that fleeting feeling.

Jordanne is an artist whose works depict Hawaiian landscapes as well as many other subjects related to Hawaii such as plantation homes and bouquets of flowers. Her style has been described by critics worldwide including one from France who called it “unique”. Jordanne says she wants people in both Hawai’i and abroad to see themselves reflected back on every piece they view because art should be about connecting cultures together through beauty.

She always feels so blessed that people appreciate her work enough to purchase and collect it. She is grateful for the love she gets from everyone who enjoys her paintings, making sure she’s continuing on this fated journey as an artist in some way or another.

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