Pete Baldwin, a descendant of Dwight Baldwin and the fifth generation to live in Maui, had always loved the outdoors. His love for nature led him to found Piiholo Ranch as an extension of his property with three sons- Jeffery, Duke, and Chris. They combined their efforts on this land by building one of Hawaii’s most premier cattle businesses alongside horseback riding ventures that quickly became popular amongst locals looking for some adventure during leisure time or vacations.

Jeff has always wanted to share his appreciation for nature with people. After seeing demand grow around ecotourism and wildlife preservation he decided it was time to finally hire some help. That’s why Jeff approached Pete about building zipline courses on one corner of his property so that visitors could explore more than just what their car windows provided them from road trips. The midwestern landscape is typically flat and dry, but the rolling hills here were a perfect setting for an exhilarating zipline adventure. Our guides led us to the top of this high hill so we could get our bearings on where we would be soaring through that stunning scenery. When the brothers opened Piiholo Ranch Zipline, they knew their work was not done. They had spent two and half years working with designers to find out who is best at designing zip lines; builders for finding people skilled in building them solidly; high-quality materials were also necessary so that customers would have a safe experience while riding on one of these amazing lines!

Lately, Piiholo Ranch Zipline has become one of the premier ziplining adventures in the United States. Designed to showcase its beautiful setting, it crosses deep gulches and tall trees while offering stunning views from mountain to sea. What’s more, is that Piiholo offers a side-by-side zipline experience for those who dare! At over half a mile long, this tandem ride will allow you both an exhilarating thrilling adventure with your favorite person or pet!

The Ranch offers a variety of recreational activities for its visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and wilderness. One such activity is ziplining in forests, gulches, and meadows throughout the ranch. Jeff became Director of Operations after his vision helped make this happen due to increased demand from tourists who wanted something new that they couldn’t find elsewhere.

Today Piiholo Ranch Zipline continues to offer an exciting zipline and hiking experience on Maui. Come up for some fun, challenge your friends with the longest lines or see who can zip down fastest!

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