Did you ever want to fly through the air effortlessly on a zipline?

 Feel the adrenaline rush as you tackle six different runs of our signature course! After your extreme adventure, switch it up with some low-speed and terrain driving over ramps, water crossings, and jumps. You’ll be hopping in quickly – this once-in-a-lifetime experience only comes around every 3 hours!

Were you looking for an extreme air and land adventure? Zipline and Off-Road Package has a state-of-the-art braking system, meaning you do not need to control your speed or stop on your own! Explore the island during this package by riding around on ATVs through treacherous terrain that will make all other vacations seem dull. If you’re looking to have some fun in Hawaii, come check out the Zipline and Off Road Package.

If you’re ready for some adventure – then this is the package for you.

There are two components:

  • first, enjoy a 6-zoo zipline course with a state of an art braking system
  • second, cruise around on an ATV and explore our conservatory nature trails.   

 This zipline and all-terrain vehicle experience will leave your stomach in knots as you fly through the air and off cliffs (don’t worry, it has safety precautions) at speeds up to 40 miles per hour! The second part includes riding a four-wheeler across challenging tracks like massive hills and rocky paths where there’s no shortage of obstacles that push any rider to their limits or just drive them back home because they want nothing to do.

Three hours of heart-stopping thrills await you in Oahu! From daring heights to intense speed, this 3-hour experience is the ultimate outdoor day out. Go for a lighthearted ride among the dirt tracks as you sling from tree branch to tree branch, or take them on more seriously by slowing down your speeds with control thanks to our state-of-the-art braking system (trainees are advised to wear protective glasses while shooting from high altitude). Finally, after grabbing yourself some chill time from all these wild rides – come back. This package is like the extreme vacation you’ve always wanted. Do all of your zip linings right here on our Oahu, HI, and then take off for some ATV driving! Savvy travelers will be telling their friends about this tour (and so will we)!

This 3-hour tour will put your driving skills to the test with unbridled comfort thanks to rowdy safety features like sunroofs, red cup holders, swiveling leather seats, and flip-down DVD screens. You’ll also experience soaring through the skies as many times as possible during this unforgettable Oahu zip lining trip—6 exhilarating line runs from 300-900 feet high over waterfalls and natural surroundings!

Ready for the ultimate, high-energy adventure? Join us for a Zipline and Off-road Package in Oahu, HI. We’ve got highlights that will give you all six runs of our signature Zip course and combine it with ATV fun on our technical system. Ready to get started?!