Get ready to experience the ride of your life on our signature Coral Crater Zipline tour - a perfect adventure for all ages and skill levels!

You’ll fly at speeds reaching up to 55 miles per hour through 330ft sky bridges, high-flying zip lines, suspension bridges, and tunnels that range from 300 ft. to 900ft long. That’s not enough? Our ziplines feature the most modern braking system, meaning that zipliners do not need to control their speed or stop themselves, allowing for long flights lasting more than 1 hour in length! Soaring over hundreds of acres of lush rainforest and virgin lands will mean seeing things only birds usually see. 

You've found the best zipline in town.

 We know because everyone else is talking about it, too! Zip up and experience one of the most incredible adrenaline rush this side of Waikiki. With three soars from 300 to 900-feet high, zip over waterfalls, soak up views for miles, and land with an outstretched hand just like our Hawaiian ancestors before you. Are you packing for your tropical trip? Itinerary set? You’re not well-traveled till you’ve conquered our three states, the art ziplines, soaring through over 900 feet of towering palms and gorgeous ocean vistas. Looking to thrill your family while exploring Hawaii’s natural beauty or give couples that particular moment they’ll be talking about for years to come! 

Enjoy Hawai’I’s version of summer with this adrenaline-pumping activity. Zip your way through three zip lines on our signature Coral Crater Zipline tour and experience a genuinely safe, high-flying experience. The best part? This tour is perfect for all ages and offers the opportunity to share these moments with other brave souls who are ready to escape from reality for a bit—looking to have a safe, adrenaline-pumping time in one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii? Look no further than our zipline tour. This tour is perfect for all ages and experience levels, each of which will be paired with seasoned guides who are ready to thrill you every step of the way. Celebrate your Hawaiian vacation the right way by soaring through Hawai’i’s lush forests and stunning coastline at speeds up to 40 mph! 

Zip Snorkel Oahu, HI! Hold on tight and make your heart fly when you meet us for our 2.5 hour Coral Crater Zipline tour. With three zip lines ranging from 300 to 900 feet, you’ll find the perfect adventure with aerial views of natural landscapes that will leave your jaw-dropping! You can jump in the arms of Mother Nature as she welcomes you into her warm embrace under a radiant sun. Bring home memories with vivid colors and exciting twists and turns along our way. Strap on your pack full of supplies ranging from snacks to marine equipment – we are ready for any needs, so all you need is an adventurous spirit. Grab those nearest to you and race towards one seamless journey that’s guaranteed to provide lasting memories! The best part about this activity is that it lasts only an hour and a half, so book now if you want long-lasting memories!