You bought vacation, right? Time and money, yes? You can just purchase a map for your two-tank dive that goes way down the reef. You want to freak yourself out too much for your first one before all you lovely people: meet us at the slip under Ala Moana Boulevard! We’ll do who knows what depth; it doesn’t matter because we’re going in circles anyway, and there’s only six more of you – so we can split up in groups of three or four just fine. One tank will take about an hour because it’s marked Wreck Dive, and oh man, does he go deep (or has he been at sea too long?). 

Join us aboard our private vessel, the “Diamond T,” as we conduct daily SCUBA diving charters to explore the underwater world surrounding Honolulu! We lead dive tours in small groups of 6 divers or fewer, so you can dive with confidence and make a few new friends while you’re at it! Relax as we transport you from Waikiki to one of Oahu’s many wrecks, ranging extensively in-depth. Visit multiple different sites along our descent line; adventure seekers will be thrilled when they see the diverse seashells and critters on display. 

The perfect day trip for any recreational SCUBA diver on Oahu, Wreck and Reef is the only dive charter company with cruises that board at Ala Moana. Boarding our vessel, the “Diamond T,” you get to enjoy your scenic ride out to sea while we set up equipment in preparation for these wreck dives with shallow or deep water options depending on preference. Expect fantastic visibility of over 200ft and some unforgettable views.

Honolulu is the perfect playground for all things aquatic. Our SCUBA dives take our guests to two different sites so that they can experience and explore as much of the underwater world as possible. Spend a morning exploring sunken treasures on a shallow reef or in deep waters off Honolulu Harbor. It’s easy to plan your vacation around our daily dive schedule and have an unforgettable time. Island-hopper Tandem 2 tank scuba dives with Wreck & Reef guarantees to offer variety, creativity, ease of scheduling whew—what more could you want? So make it happen: Book for this unique splashy experience today. You’ll never be bored again when you’ve got Wreck & Reef diving adventures waiting for you each day.

Hanging directly off the coast of Waikiki and right in front of Koko Head, these two dive locations are paradise to all those with love for the deep. Alongside your experienced divemaster guide, you’ll descend into an underwater oasis full of coral reefs, tropical fish, turtles, eels, and more. If it’s a Monday-Friday when you go diving, we recommend that you show up at 6:45 am as both dives start promptly at 7 am sharp. Saturdays-Sundays can be found by clicking below! You’ll want to come ready with sun protection because what goes down must come back up—and sea urchins do need to see their families too. Join us as we explore the underwater world of Hawaii! This famous two-tank dive is the perfect introduction to snorkeling for beginners or seasoned pros. Explore a variety of coral and reef life in conditions easily accessible for first-time divers. Get up close and personal with turtles, eels, reef sharks, eagle rays, and more.

Seas are calm thanks to just enough current flowing through Honolulu’s central canal from one ocean to another. Visibilities can go as far as 80 feet during dives on a good day (although it might be less if you find yourself in one of Hawaii’s cold waters), but they only average about 50 feet at any given moment – so don’t forget your goggles!