Story of the Name

Waimea means “sacred water,” which describes North Shore’s famous Waimea Bay perfectly. The bay has a big reputation for being home to some huge winter swells that are perfect for serious surfers while it is known more intimately as an iconic destination where locals come to jump off rocks during hot summers days under sunny skies with vast amounts of people who love this activity too!

The ocean comes in so many shades of blues but this color is different. For only a few times throughout the year, Waimea Bays’ waters turn super clear with turquoise streaks that barely reflect any light back out – almost as if they were made entirely out of ice or liquid sky instead it being saltwater could tell you about their temperature before even dipping your toe inside them. I love to take my dogs Waimea and Maui on walks by the bay. When you can see perfectly clear blue water in the mix, I call it “Waimea Blue” because this is where we always go for our strolls!

The Hawaiian Islands are popular tourist destinations because of their natural beauty. These islands have a rich culture that is still being preserved today, in light of the increased tourism industry there which has negatively impacted other aspects like traditional food sources and agriculture as well as indigenous languages.

The Hawai’ian language can be heard all over the island when locals greet each other with “aloha” or say goodbye by saying “mahalo.” The Hawaiians would call themselves kamaʻaina meaning “child growing up” to emphasize how they live here for generations upon generations but many outsiders don’t know this fact about them!

About the Owner

Akima Kai is a photographer, model, and tour guide who has been passionate about the ocean for more than 20 years. She does everything from underwater photography to mermaid modeling in her line of work that she truly loves – Akima also teaches freediving as well!

In 1999, she was gifted a new underwater camera by her father. She had always loved the water and couldn’t wait to take pictures of all different types of sea life. She was always captivated by the underwater world and marine life, but it’s been her passion for almost all of her life. After living in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines she decided to settle on a tropical island with crystal clear water where you could see more than just sand! In 12 years of traveling the North and South Pacific Islands, she’s finally found a place to call home here in beautiful Hawaii. In Hawaii, she began her love affair with the water and freediving. The best way to see marine life is when you are at eye level or below it

She wanted to make you feel the power of Earth. Her work encourages you to take a moment and spend time in nature, reminding us of the importance that we have for this planet. We need to do our part by saving it. The true colors of the earth. With a camera in hand, she explores new cultures and landscapes from around the world to capture their beauty on film.

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