Aloha Served Daily

At Umekes, they use only the freshest ingredients to make their dishes. This ensures quality and freshness every time you visit us for a meal!

Honolulu Poke offers an authentic Hawaiian experience. The restaurant’s food is made with only the freshest fish sourced from Hawaii waters and local fishermen, farmers, and ranchers that live in close proximity to our oceanside location. We offer a variety of signature dishes including poke bowls as well as fresh sushi rolls for those looking to indulge in something tasty without meat preparation required.

The Hawaiian word for the bowl is Umeke, so you can imagine that a majority of menu items at any establishment are designed to be served in bowls. Owner and Chef Nakoa Pabre is a well-seasoned professional whose menus are always exciting and varied in order to give customers the freshest dishes on Hawaii’s Big Island. If you’re looking for some authentic island cuisine while vacationing in Hawaii then look no further than our wide variety of fresh seafood items accompanied by sides that will leave anyone craving seconds! With everything from classic favorites like a teriyaki-marinated grilled steak paired deliciously with garlic butter mashed potatoes all the way up to new age creations starring macadamia nuts (yum!).

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxed and casual. The decor is tropical and the employees are very warm and friendly. The fish is fresh and the prices are very reasonable. The portions are generous and the flavors are nice and varied.

If you decide to eat here during any given week, there will be a new special every day for you to enjoy. You can come here for lunch on Mondays and dinner on Fridays. It is rare to find a restaurant in Waikiki that offers more than two entrees for the same price. The specials change daily but the food is always great. Try the salmon salad sandwich if you are looking for something different to compliment the chicken kebabs on the menu or try the Mahi crab cakes as an appetizer.

Overall, the Umekes Fish Bar has been one of my favorite places in the area for years. The food is amazing and the prices are great. You don’t have to worry about your food not being fresh and delicious. The restaurant is also located very close to a popular Kailua-Kuna Beach. I always bring family and friends here when they come to visit me in Waikiki and it is a great place to take a lunch or dinner nap during the day and then head back to the fish bar for an awesome evening of sun tanning under the stars.

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