The perfect windbreaker against those post-surfing winds. Securely docks your longboard to any vehicle, behind the lifeguard shack at your favorite surfing spot, and makes a fashionable headrest for you on the sand. What better way to show off your favorite surfboard but with a wall-mounted rack that makes it look as if it’s floating? 

This eye-catching art piece is perfect for any room in your house. Made out of Baltic Birch Wood, this sleek design will be sure to make the most avid surfer happy. It’s time to pack for vacation, and you get there exhausted, with a list of last-minute items that need packing. Here is one more thing you don’t want to forget: loading your surfboard into the back of your car. Finally catching up after checking in at the hotel, you assess what needs doing next – unload luggage from trunk space, take out bikes, paddleboards, or whatever other large equipment needed besides surfboards while carrying them on full arm extensions away from cars only to repeat when coming home! 

Keep your surfboard safe, and out of the way with this handy Surfboard Rack! Made from durable polypropylene plastic, these racks can withstand any water or humidity without warping. The frame comprises a top section with two grooves on each side for holding your boards in place and a bottom shelf that can be drilled into various wall surfaces, providing accessible storage space for fins, waxes, leashes, or whatever. Else you need it when surfing! It comes complete with all mounting hardware necessary and installation instructions, so you know what tools to have on hand while installing it. 

What’s better than going for a surf after work? Having all of your boards at the ready, waiting on the beach! With our racks, you can store up to four panels safely and conveniently in one spot. Built-in handles make carrying your fresh catch that much easier. I feel like a lifeguard at the beach. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing your board is safely sitting next to you for when that perfect wave comes along. Stop worrying about hitting someone else’s board or forgetting it behind, and create some extra space in your car trunk with Paia Surfboard Racks. 

Ready to hop on the big waves? We make it easy to store your prized possession no matter what size. Traveling? Let us know, and we’ll pack and ship it with care! Enough room for at least four surfboards. This rack will protect your investment while not taking up a lot of space in your garage. Watch an entire season’s worth of surfing meltdown without worrying about shrinkage from rust or water damage. Take your surfboard with you by grabbing a surfboard rack today. We’ll show you how to find the perfect spot in your car for it so that you can keep all of the other essential things secured and safe. There’s nothing worse than coming face-to-face with your board when going over bumps! Our racks will save you from facing that disaster!