Are you planning your sunset dinner cruise?

Get the most out of your snorkeling experience by booking our Sunset Snorkel Dinner Cruise! Sunsets are always spectacular in Hawai’i, and there’s no better way to take it all in than while cruising through the waters and surrounded by sea life. We provide you with an informative, insightful tour before we set sail on this ah-mazing evening.

We make sure that everyone is comfortable on board, as well!

Our six-cabin cabins and shower stalls have lots of padding and excellent amenities for after the sun starts to set, not to mention ample space so you can stretch out or crawl into a snug spot during rough ocean conditions if necessary.

Kick back on a long overdue vacation and enjoy the tranquility of Hawaii’s sun setting, overlooking the stunning Waianae coastline. Take your time to explore all around you with six warm fresh-water showers, a spacious cabin with lots of legroom for everybody in your group, and snorkel equipment rentals included!

Get ready for a fantastic experience with your family on our Sunset Dinner Cruise for a tour that visits the South Shore Oahu Snorkeling Park. In this protected area, adventurers of all levels will enjoy different depths from 4-30ft and coral reefs full of life. Your guides will be super skilled, knowledgeable, and have been certified to show you some of the most impressive sights! A great perk is that if you don’t want to snorkel at all – or can’t swim well – we’ll provide kayak paddles for those who prefer water sports over blowing bubbles underwater. The sunset is guaranteed here – just as long as you make it there before day turns into night.

The sunset snorkel dinner cruise is the perfect way to enjoy your trip to Hawaii and learn about local history. Snorkeling provides a brilliant opportunity for an underwater exploration of the beautiful coral reef that lies just beneath the surface. Whether you are a novice or an intermediate, our staff will provide assistance and instruction so you can experience this unique cultural and natural phenomenon. 

There’s nothing certain in life except for the sun and your swim-time. Join this magical voyage to explore our beautiful islands’ coastlines snorkeling around coral reefs, staring at exotic sea creatures, and stopping at beaches with pristine white sands. Our Sunset Dinner Cruise, the only one on Oahu that offers a sunset cruise and reef snorkel, will delight you while you enjoy freshly prepared gourmet foods served as you relax overlooking our breath-taking cliffs.

Ready to get away from that cold, icy weather? It’s time for a warm tropical adventure your family will never forget! Join us on our Sunset Snorkel Cruise as we show you the beauty of Hawaii like no one has before. Please take part in Hawaiian legends and history while seeing colorful coral reefs through our masks by snorkeling near the end of this beautiful cruise. Sip on some exotic concoctions served by our friendly staff as we take in views of incredible rock formations, rare flora, lush beaches, and alongside waterfalls for a truly unforgettable experience. Book today!