Are you ready to explore the Hawaiian sky?

 If so, this is your chance with a jump into our 50′ freefall (our tallest drop), up-close views of the ocean and coastline, and an unforgettable tour of Hawaii’s night skies on our zip line that takes you across valleys and over waterfalls. One look at these opportunities will make it all clear: Sunset, S’mores & Stars is precisely what your life has been missing.

The night zip is a beautiful experience and should not be missed if you’re looking for something different.

Imagine all the magic that can happen when one zips from 5,000 ft. up into the sky. After skydiving, it’s time to enjoy some tasty S’mores around our Hawaiian campfire with other souls – both locals and foreigners alike – before returning to earth and ending your perfect island getaway in style!

Picture this: Zip-lining through the jungle canopy, then floating on a four-foot parachute down into an ancient rainforest with just your campfire and our friendly guide. What happens next? Get toasting marshmallows over a bed of hot coals and roast up some s’mores while you stare out at the beautiful night sky twinkling above! Located high in the mountains of western Oahu, you’ll finally find yourself alone with Mother Nature and playing in her backyard. Simply one of Hawai’i’s most romantic date ideas for couples who want to live their dreams!

Is there anything else that should be mentioned? You and your friends will experience the ultimate night sky adventure. Zip through the air over a stunning landscape, get to know each other in intimate settings, roast marshmallows by an open fire while roasting s’mores, try traditional Hawaiian confections like chocolate-covered strawberries or ham & pineapple Kua makalani coated in nuts and coconut-topped macadamia cream crackers.

If you’re looking for something new this winter vacation season:

  • Give Sunset, S’mores & Stars – Night zip & 50yd Freefall & Campfire on Oahu a try!
  • Explore the island of Oahu by ziplining, snacking on traditional Hawaiian s’mores, and falling asleep to the sounds of a campfire echoing off the waves.

This is perfect for those who want to experience the lively Oahu coastline at night in total comfort while being showered with all of the beauty this island offers. You’ll indulge in reception & bonfire, too! Your adventure awaits with our variety of Tours, Zip Lines, and Bungy Jumping. With Hawaii’s most impressive views under the stars and a laid-back atmosphere – you’ll find your new favorite outdoor adventure in minutes. Bring mom on one of these tours during her sunset time for that Mother’s Day celebration she deserves! You’re never too old or young to enjoy a zipline through the lush rainforest while surrounded by towering palms high atop gentle mountainside cliffs, a 500 foot long Bridge crossing over the lulling waters of Waikiki Beach, plus a breath-taking view from 1,500 feet up – or try our 50′ Freefall! Visit us today for tickets and tour times.