Travel to a place of utter serenity, the one that resides inside all of us.

You’ll never find it on an island or anywhere else in this world, but come and feel the magic as you gaze at these great Stars Above Hawaii. Nowhere is a perfect setting for stargazing than Kona Coast hotels and condominiums. Feel wrapped in a soon-to-be forsaken paradise with just your true love by your side, gazing up at trillions upon trillion stars in a sky that shimmers like diamonds’ forever’. Twinkle light time!

Soar through space until you arrive at your desired constellation—made up only by the brightest magnitude points in our universe.

Soar high among the stars as you explore what’s above—or below, behind, within—in this celestial and monumental show. Choosing from a program of educational presentations or romance under the Stars Above Hawaii, Star Tours takes you just about everywhere in our galaxy and beyond.

Can’t find a sky without stars?

That’s because you’re on a Star Tour with the Stars Above Hawaii. The Star Tour is your Astronomer Star Tours Guide and NASA Ambassador, who takes guests through the heavens for tours of this kaleidoscope galaxy that shines “forever.” Join us beneath our diamond stars as we go light-years back in time, discovering ancient star lines and Polynesian Wayfinding techniques; then, connect with some of these sites from around the world—such as Australia’s Uluru or New Zealand’s Mt. Cook—from one remote location to another.

Star Above Hawaii provides world-class professional stargazing star shows to people of all ages from all over the world. Learn about the Hawaiian Star Lines, and Polynesian Wayfinding techniques as your personal Astronomer Star Tour Guide leads you on a tour of gorgeous diamond stars that sparkle and shine “forever.” Take a journey back in time by exploring new galaxies that may create romance under Stars Above Hawaii.

 Experience the immortal wonder of one of Hawaii’s most significant resources: our night sky. Join a NASA Ambassador as your personal Astronomer Star Tour Guide for an unforgettable, educational star show. Enjoy stunning views from your “Hawaii Star Lines,” and for those seasoned stargazers in the crowd, learn more about Polynesian Wayfinding techniques that guided great ancient explorers. View planets, stars, and constellations you have seen before but have never experienced like this – bathed in amazing diamond light that shimmers and shines forever! Take full advantage of your vacation time with a romantic date under the Stars Above Hawaii.

The thrill of the journey always starts just a minute away at our welcoming resort, designated as a tranquil oasis within one of the fastest-growing regions in America. Stars Above Hawaii – Hawaii’s Gateway to the Stars at Ko Olina Resort is everything you could ever want from your stargazing experience: personal attention by an Ambassador Astronomer Star Tour Guide, astronomer Barbie (yes!), and Supernovae 3D planetarium presentations that will transport you light-years back in time and romance under starry skies. A unique experience awaits you!