A one to a kind experience!

You will climb, swing and jump around high above the ground. Challenge yourself with 18 fun obstacles on this thrill-seeking aerial obstacle course. This is something for fun-lovers of all abilities—because there’s no better way to celebrate than being up in the air.


Have a date or family adventure coming up and need something to do?Looking for that one thing to make your life more exciting?

Get away from the everyday routine with this new, thrilling experience of Night Time – Aerial Challenge Course, 50′ Freefall & S’mores. Join us as we take you on an unforgettable journey through 18 challenge elements that will have you climbing, swinging, and jumping above the ground at sunset–and in complete darkness.

Imagine your mind’s questioning being taken care of by our professional staff who are there every step of the way to ensure safety-even if it means they’re dangling just off the ground right next to you. The adventurous feeling may encourage feelings inside that were long ago forgotten–if only.

For those who dare to live life, this is the perfect date night! Aerial lovers will enjoy this experience with a surprise at every turn. Different colors and shapes stimulate your body while ending with an unforgettable 50′ freefall. You won’t want your evening to end when you can roast marshmallows in a campfire before heading back home, laughing all the way there as you relive tonight’s highlights.

Adventurers will find their natural beauty here, where exhilaration meets fun challenges for thrill-seekers and beginners alike. This s’mores-filled adventure reaches new heights of experience that mix fearlessness with safety, leaving everyone giddy from laughter until sunset- then diving into darkness for something freaky-fun.

Imagine strolling through a dark jungle, looking up at the star-filled sky. In minutes you’ll be on your way to experiencing one of nature’s most spectacular displays, and with an unforgettable night ahead of you. We’ve made sure all that adventure doesn’t get cold with our post-adventure s’mores around our campfire.

Your family will love you for it! This is a perfect summer (or any season) activity since it’s daylight until 8:30 pm and does not take up much space. It promotes increased strength, confidence, self-esteem, problem-solving skills and boosts a sense of achievement.

If you are in the mood for something out of this world but not too high stake, then Night Time Aerial Challenge Course is right for you! Spending an evening on our unique course under the stars as well as in the dark, you will never forget your experience.

We’ll challenge you, excite you, and so much more! We offer a one-of-a-kind experience with 18 challenge elements that will have you climbing, swinging, and jumping around high above the ground. Check out our aerial obstacles, including zip lines, sky bridges, swings suspended from trees all through forested areas of tall old-growth oaks. You need to be an adventurous spirit to partake in this outdoor activity designed for eight-year-old kids and up from small groups of adults or significant family events too! Arriving at dusk is perfect as it lays on after we get all set up below during twilight hours when summer days are still warm with the light shining brighter on our scenic surroundings, then transitioning into complete darkness by sundown for a more relaxed evening. 

You will be challenged like never before. From swinging through the trees to climbing our rock wall and zip-lining across treetops, you’ll find adventure around every corner. What are you waiting for? Start your Night Time Aerial Challenge Course now!