Hey there! Are you ready for an exciting adventure in Maui? Get ready to snorkel in the beautiful Molokini Crater and Turtle Town! This video by Adam and Madalyn takes you on their amazing journey as they explore the crystal-clear waters and encounter Sea Turtles and even a rare Monk Seal. After a thrilling day of snorkeling, they wrap up their adventure with a mini food tour in Lahaina, indulging in some mouthwatering treats. From delicious tacos and burgers to refreshing craft beer and Hawaiian shave ice, they give you a taste of the local culinary scene. So join them on this captivating adventure filled with underwater wonders and scrumptious eats!

Prepare to be amazed as you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Maui‘s southwest coast. The Molokini Crater awaits you, offering a unique snorkeling experience with stunning marine life. Swim alongside sea turtles and keep an eye out for the rare Monk Seal. Then, head over to Turtle Town for another breathtaking encounter with these gentle creatures. After all the excitement, it’s time to satisfy your hunger with a visit to Lahaina, where you’ll sample delectable dishes at a fish market and enjoy some craft beer. And don’t forget to try the famous Hawaiian shave ice at Ululani’s. With Adam and Madalyn as your guides, this adventure promises to be unforgettable. So grab your snorkel gear and get ready to dive into this incredible experience!

Snorkeling in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town on Maui ( Plus Lahaina Eats)

Overview of Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

If you’re looking for incredible snorkeling experiences on Maui, look no further than Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. These two locations offer some of the best underwater adventures you can have on the island. Molokini Crater, located just off Maui’s southwest coast, is a partially submerged volcanic caldera that is now a popular snorkeling destination. Turtle Town, on the other hand, is a stretch of coastline renowned for its abundance of sea turtles. Combining both locations will give you a diverse and exciting snorkeling experience.

Location and Access

Molokini Crater is located about three miles off the coast of Maui. To access the crater for Snorkeling, you’ll need to take a boat tour or charter a boat. There are plenty of tour operators available in Maui offering trips to Molokini Crater, so you can choose the one that fits your preferences and budget. Turtle Town, on the other hand, is located along the coast near the town of Kihei. This area can be accessed from the shore, making it a convenient option for snorkelers who prefer not to take a boat tour.

Snorkeling Conditions

Both Molokini Crater and Turtle Town offer excellent snorkeling conditions. The water temperature in these areas is typically around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, making it comfortable for snorkeling throughout the year. The visibility underwater is also exceptional, with clear waters allowing you to see the vibrant marine life and coral reefs. Additionally, the currents in these locations are usually calm, providing a safe and enjoyable snorkeling experience for divers of all skill levels.

Marine Life in Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is a protected marine sanctuary, offering a diverse and thriving ecosystem for marine life. While snorkeling in the crater, you can expect to see an array of colorful fish species, including parrotfish, butterflyfish, and triggerfish. The coral reefs are also home to various invertebrates, such as sea anemones and starfish. With luck, you may even spot larger creatures like manta rays and reef sharks swimming in the deeper waters of the crater.

Spotting Sea Turtles in Turtle Town

As the name suggests, Turtle Town is famous for its abundance of sea turtles. Green sea turtles, also known as honu, frequent this area and can often be spotted while snorkeling. These gentle creatures are known for their graceful movements and distinctive appearance. Swimming alongside a sea turtle in its natural habitat is a truly magical experience that you won’t soon forget. Remember to give the turtles plenty of space and avoid touching or disturbing them, as they are protected species.

Activities and Attractions in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

Besides snorkeling, there are plenty of other activities and attractions to enjoy in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. If you’re interested in scuba diving, both locations offer dive sites that cater to different skill levels. You can explore the deeper waters of Molokini Crater or dive along the coastal reefs of Turtle Town. Additionally, many boat tours provide opportunities for whale watching during the winter months when humpback whales migrate to the area. Keep your eyes peeled for these majestic creatures breaching and tail-slapping in the distance.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Molokini Crater and Turtle Town for snorkeling is during the summer months when the weather is generally warm and the waters are calm. However, these locations can be enjoyed year-round, so don’t be discouraged if your visit doesn’t align with the summer season. The winter months bring the opportunity to witness humpback whales, which is a unique experience of its own. Be sure to check weather and ocean conditions before planning your snorkeling adventure to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

Safety Tips for Snorkeling

While snorkeling in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town is generally safe, it’s important to follow some safety guidelines to ensure your well-being in the water. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always snorkel with a buddy. Having someone by your side increases safety and allows for shared experiences.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the snorkeling area and any potential hazards before entering the water.
  3. Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid contact with the coral reefs and other marine life.
  4. Practice proper snorkeling techniques, such as breathing through the snorkel and using fins to navigate efficiently.
  5. Apply reef-safe sunscreen to protect your skin and the marine environment.
  6. Stay hydrated and avoid snorkeling if you’re feeling tired or unwell.
  7. Listen to the instructions and guidance provided by your tour guides or boat operators.

By following these safety tips, you can have a fun and worry-free snorkeling experience in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.

Equipment and Tours

For your snorkeling adventure in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, you’ll need some essential equipment. Here’s a list of items you should consider bringing:

  1. Snorkel mask: Choose a mask that fits comfortably and provides a clear view of the underwater world.
  2. Snorkel: A snorkel allows you to breathe while floating face down in the water. Opt for a snorkel with a purge valve to easily clear any water that may enter.
  3. Fins: Fins help with propulsion and make swimming more efficient. Look for fins that fit snugly and are comfortable to wear.
  4. Rash guard or wetsuit: Depending on your preference and the water temperature, you may want to wear a rash guard or wetsuit for protection from the sun and to stay warm.
  5. Underwater camera: Capture the beauty of the marine life and your snorkeling adventures with an underwater camera.
  6. Towel and dry clothes: After snorkeling, you’ll want to dry off and change into dry clothes, so bring a towel and a change of clothes.

If you’re not comfortable snorkeling independently, many tour operators offer guided snorkeling tours to Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. These tours usually include equipment rental, transportation to the snorkeling sites, and the expertise of knowledgeable guides. Booking a guided tour can enhance your experience by providing insights into the local marine life and ensuring your safety in the water.

Preparing for Snorkeling

To make the most of your snorkeling experience in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, it’s important to be prepared. Here are a few things to consider before your trip:

  1. Check the weather forecast: Ensure that the weather conditions are favorable for snorkeling by checking the forecast beforehand. Avoid snorkeling during stormy or windy weather.
  2. Pack a bag: Bring a bag with all the essential items you’ll need for your snorkeling adventure. This includes your snorkeling gear, sunscreen, a towel, and any personal items you may need.
  3. Stay hydrated: Snorkeling can be physically demanding, so remember to drink plenty of water before and after your snorkeling trip to stay hydrated.
  4. Eat a light meal: It’s best to have a light meal before snorkeling to avoid feeling too full or uncomfortable in the water.
  5. Listen to instructions: Whether you’re snorkeling independently or on a guided tour, pay attention to the safety briefings and instructions provided by the crew or guides. They will give you valuable information about the snorkeling sites and any specific guidelines to follow.

By being prepared and informed, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable snorkeling experience in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.

Description of Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

Molokini Crater is a partially submerged volcanic caldera located off the coast of Maui in Hawaii. The crater is crescent-shaped and provides a natural sheltered habitat for various marine species. The unique shape of the crater creates calm and clear waters, making it an ideal location for snorkeling and diving. Molokini Crater is a protected marine sanctuary, ensuring the preservation of its pristine ecosystem.

Turtle Town, on the other hand, is an area along the coast of Maui known for its abundance of sea turtles. The exact boundaries of Turtle Town can vary, but it generally refers to the stretch of coastline from Maluaka Beach to Nahuna Point. The area is characterized by shallow reefs and bays where sea turtles can often be spotted. Snorkeling in Turtle Town provides the opportunity to swim alongside these graceful creatures in their natural habitat.

How to Get to Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

To access Molokini Crater, you’ll need to take a boat tour or charter a boat from Maui. Many tour operators offer trips to the crater, departing from various locations such as Maalaea Harbor, Lahaina Harbor, and Kihei Boat Ramp. These tours typically include transportation to and from the crater, snorkeling equipment, and the guidance of experienced crew members.

Getting to Turtle Town is relatively easy, as it can be accessed from the shore. Simply drive to the designated parking areas near Maluaka Beach or Makena Landing Park and walk to the shore. You can then enter the water and start snorkeling in the designated snorkeling areas. It’s important to be mindful of any specific regulations or restrictions in place to protect the marine life in Turtle Town.

Water Temperature and Visibility

The water in both Molokini Crater and Turtle Town is generally warm and comfortable for snorkeling. The average water temperature in these areas is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius), providing optimal conditions for underwater exploration. The visibility in the water is typically excellent, allowing snorkelers to admire the vibrant coral reefs and marine life. On a clear day, you can expect to see up to 150 feet (46 meters) ahead, making for an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

Snorkeling in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town on Maui ( Plus Lahaina Eats)

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Molokini Crater as a Marine Sanctuary

Molokini Crater is designated as a marine sanctuary, which means that it is protected and regulated to preserve its natural resources. This designation ensures the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem within the crater. Snorkelers and divers are encouraged to follow specific guidelines to minimize their impact on the environment. These guidelines may include restrictions on touching the coral reefs, avoiding the use of harmful sunscreens, and respecting the marine life by keeping a safe distance. By adhering to these guidelines, visitors can help preserve the beauty and biodiversity of Molokini Crater for generations to come.

Types of Sea Turtles in Turtle Town

Turtle Town is home to various species of sea turtles, with the green sea turtle being the most commonly encountered. These gentle creatures can be easily identified by their olive-brown coloration and the pattern of scales on their shells. Green sea turtles are herbivores and primarily feed on seagrass and algae. Their nesting season occurs between May and December, when female turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Snorkeling in Turtle Town offers a unique chance to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and learn more about their behavior and conservation status.

Snorkeling Techniques and Tips

Snorkeling requires some basic techniques to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your snorkeling adventure:

  1. Practice breathing: Get comfortable breathing through the snorkel tube while keeping your face submerged in the water. Breathe slowly and deeply to conserve energy and reduce the risk of anxiety.
  2. Clear your snorkel: If water enters the snorkel, use the purge valve or forceful exhalation to clear it. This will prevent water from entering your mouth and ensure uninterrupted breathing.
  3. Defog your mask: Before entering the water, apply a defogging solution or saliva to the inside of your mask lens. This will prevent the mask from fogging up, ensuring clear vision underwater.
  4. Equalize your ears: As you descend underwater, gently pinch your nose and blow gently to equalize the pressure in your ears. This will prevent discomfort or pain caused by pressure changes.
  5. Relax and float: Use your snorkel gear, such as fins and flotation devices, to conserve energy and maintain a comfortable position in the water. Relax your body and float effortlessly, enjoying the underwater scenery.

By practicing these techniques and staying calm and relaxed, you can have a rewarding snorkeling experience in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.

Recommended Snorkeling Gear

Having the right snorkeling gear is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable snorkeling experience. Here are the key items you should consider bringing:

  1. Snorkel mask: Choose a mask that fits well and provides a clear field of vision. Look for a mask with a silicone skirt for a comfortable and watertight seal.
  2. Snorkel: Opt for a snorkel with a dry top or splash guard to prevent water from entering the tube, even if you dive below the surface.
  3. Fins: Invest in a pair of fins that fit securely and comfortably. Fins will help you swim more efficiently and reduce fatigue.
  4. Rash guard or wetsuit: Depending on the water temperature and your sensitivity to the cold, consider wearing a rash guard or wetsuit to keep warm and protect your skin from the sun.
  5. Waterproof camera: Capture the beauty of the underwater world with a waterproof camera. Make sure the camera is compatible with your snorkeling mask or invest in a mount or attachment to secure it.
  6. Snorkeling vest or flotation device: If you’re not a strong swimmer or want an extra layer of safety, consider using a snorkeling vest or another type of flotation device. This will provide buoyancy and peace of mind while snorkeling.

Investing in high-quality snorkeling gear will enhance your comfort and confidence in the water, allowing you to fully enjoy the wonders of Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.

Guided Tours and Packages

If you prefer a guided experience, there are numerous tour operators offering snorkeling tours to Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. These tours often include transportation, equipment rental, and the expertise of experienced guides. Some tours may also offer additional activities such as whale watching or visits to nearby islands. Research different tour options and read reviews to find the one that best suits your preferences and budget. Booking a guided tour can help maximize your snorkeling adventure by providing valuable insights and ensuring a safe and informative experience.

Local Regulations and Rules

When snorkeling in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, it’s important to respect the local regulations and rules in place to protect the fragile ecosystems. Some common rules include:

  1. No touching or standing on the coral reefs: The coral reefs are delicate and easily damaged, so it’s essential to avoid touching or standing on them. This includes using proper buoyancy techniques to avoid inadvertently damaging the reefs.
  2. Keep a safe distance from marine life: While it’s thrilling to encounter marine life up close, it’s important to remember that these creatures are wild and should not be touched or disturbed. Admire them from a safe distance to ensure their well-being and yours.
  3. Use reef-safe sunscreen: Some sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that can damage coral reefs and marine life. Choose reef-safe sunscreen that is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate to minimize your impact on the ecosystem.
  4. Follow designated snorkeling areas: Stick to the designated snorkeling areas to avoid straying into protected zones or disturbing sensitive habitats. These areas are marked to provide optimal snorkeling experiences while minimizing the impact on the environment.

By following these regulations and rules, you can help preserve the beauty and integrity of Molokini Crater and Turtle Town for future generations to enjoy.

Snacks and Supplies for Snorkeling

During your snorkeling adventure in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, it’s important to stay hydrated and fueled. Here are a few snacks and supplies you may want to pack:

  1. Water: Bring an adequate supply of water to stay hydrated throughout your snorkeling trip. Snorkeling can be physically demanding, and it’s essential to replenish fluids to avoid dehydration.
  2. Snacks: Pack nutritious snacks such as energy bars, fruit, or trail mix to keep your energy levels up during breaks. Avoid bringing snacks that may attract marine life or produce waste that could harm the environment.
  3. Waterproof bag or container: Keep your personal belongings dry and secure in a waterproof bag or container. This will ensure that your essentials, such as your phone, wallet, and keys, don’t get damaged or lost during the snorkeling trip.
  4. Extra towels and dry clothes: After snorkeling, you’ll want to dry off and change into dry clothes. Packing extra towels and dry clothes will ensure that you’re comfortable and ready for the next part of your adventure.

By having these snacks and supplies on hand, you can have a nourishing and enjoyable snorkeling experience in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.

Exploring Lahaina’s Food Scene

After an exhilarating day of snorkeling in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, you’ll surely work up an appetite. Luckily, the town of Lahaina offers a vibrant food scene with a variety of dining options to satisfy your cravings. From fresh seafood to local delicacies, Lahaina has something for every food lover to enjoy.

Fish Market Maui

For seafood lovers, a visit to the Fish Market Maui is a must. This local gem combines a seafood market and a restaurant, allowing you to enjoy the freshest catch of the day. From grilled fish sandwiches to poke bowls, the Fish Market Maui has a wide selection of delicious seafood dishes. Try their signature Ono Burger made with 100% ground ono fish or indulge in their Baja fish tacos for a taste of the ocean.

Local Delicacies and Specialties

Lahaina is known for its unique local delicacies and specialties that showcase the flavors of Hawaii. Don’t miss the chance to try traditional Hawaiian dishes like poke, a raw fish salad marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, or lomi-lomi salmon, a refreshing salad made with salted salmon, tomatoes, and onions. Visit local eateries and food stalls to immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Lahaina.

Lahaina Craft Beer Scene

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, Lahaina has a growing craft beer scene that you won’t want to miss. Kohola Brewery Maui is one of the prominent craft breweries in the area, offering a variety of handcrafted beers. From their Baby Beach Blonde Ale to their Red Sand Amber Ale, Kohola Brewery serves up flavorful brews inspired by the natural beauty of Maui. Take a brewery tour to learn more about the brewing process and enjoy a tasting of their finest creations.

Craft Beers and Tastings

At Kohola Brewery, you can savor an array of craft beers, each with its own unique flavors and characteristics. The Baby Beach Blonde Ale is a refreshing and light beer that goes down easily, making it perfect for a warm day in Maui. Its smooth profile and subtle notes of malt and hops make it a crowd-pleaser. The Red Sand Amber Ale, on the other hand, boasts a richer and more robust flavor profile, with hints of caramel and earthy undertones. This beer pays homage to the red sand found in Haleakala National Park, showcasing the connection between the brewery and the natural surroundings of Maui.

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

No visit to Lahaina is complete without trying Ululani’s Hawaiian shave ice. This local favorite has been serving up refreshing shave ice creations for years. Choose from a variety of flavors, including classics such as coconut and passion fruit, as well as unique combinations like guava and macadamia nut. Don’t forget to add a scoop of macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom for an extra creamy and indulgent treat. Ululani’s shave ice is the perfect way to cool off and satisfy your sweet tooth after a day of snorkeling.

Shaved Ice Flavors and Combinations

At Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice, you’ll find a wide range of flavors and combinations to choose from. Whether you prefer fruity options or more exotic flavors, there’s something for everyone. The coconut flavor is a classic favorite, offering a taste of the tropics in every bite. For a tangy twist, try the guava flavor, which adds a refreshing burst of flavor to your shave ice. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the passion fruit flavor, known for its intense and tropical taste. You can even mix and match flavors to create your own personalized combination.

Must-Try Desserts in Lahaina

In addition to shave ice, Lahaina offers a variety of desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth. From creamy malasadas to decadent chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, there’s no shortage of indulgent treats to enjoy. If you’re a fan of tropical flavors, try a slice of coconut cream pie or a pineapple Dole Whip. For a taste of local Hawaiian desserts, don’t miss out on haupia, a creamy coconut custard, or kulolo, a sticky taro and coconut dessert. Make sure to leave some room for dessert as you explore the delectable offerings in Lahaina.

Local Recommendations for Foodies

For foodies looking to explore Lahaina’s food scene, here are a few popular food spots and local recommendations:

  1. Aloha Mixed Plate: This casual beachfront restaurant offers a variety of Hawaiian comfort food dishes, including loco moco and kalua pork.
  2. Lahaina Grill: Known for its elegant dishes and fine dining atmosphere, Lahaina Grill is a top choice for a special night out. Try their signature ahi tuna or indulge in their mouthwatering desserts.
  3. Star Noodle: This Asian-inspired eatery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. From steamed pork buns to garlic noodles, Star Noodle offers a flavorful and unique dining experience.
  4. Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop: Stop by Leoda’s for delicious homemade pies and savory dishes, such as their famous kalua pork grilled cheese sandwich or their shrimp and grits.
  5. Breakwall Shave Ice Co.: If you’re craving shave ice after a day at the beach, head to Breakwall Shave Ice Co. for their refreshing and creative flavors, including Kauai Sunrise and Sunset Passion.
  6. Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice: Don’t forget to visit Ululani’s for their renowned shave ice. With a wide range of flavors and generous portion sizes, Ululani’s is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Explore these recommendations and discover your own favorite spots as you embark on a culinary adventure through Lahaina.


Snorkeling in Molokini Crater and Turtle Town on Maui offers an unforgettable and immersive experience into the underwater world of Hawaii. With their beautiful coral reefs and diverse marine life, these locations provide the perfect setting for snorkelers of all skill levels. Whether you’re swimming alongside sea turtles in Turtle Town or exploring the vibrant marine sanctuary of Molokini Crater, you’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. And after a day of snorkeling, Lahaina’s food scene is there to satisfy your hunger with a variety of delicious and unique dining options. From fresh seafood to sweet shave ice, you can indulge in the flavors of Hawaii and make your visit to Maui truly unforgettable. So grab your snorkel gear, hop on a boat, and dive into the wonders of Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, followed by a culinary journey through Lahaina’s food scene. Aloha!