Jump aboard our boat and enjoy an underwater adventure! Snorkel with some of the most vibrant, colorful sea life this destination has to offer. You will be amazed by the excitement at just how different everything looks underneath! A Experience exhilarating encounters like swimming alongside your favorite sea turtles or spying on dolphins as they playfully swim past you. We promise that our captain is an expert in Snorkeling and look forward to sharing their extensive knowledge of all things under the sea.

Have you ever seen turtles for real? You will work with this snorkeling charter. Maybe even some dolphins or schools and hundreds of different kinds of fish. Jump into the water at any pace, just your feet/flippers on more timid types, while others are diving down to see what they would typically only see in an aquarium. Snorkelers can swim alongside divers without worrying about their weight pulling them below the surface. Please keep your eyes peeled for sea creatures and explore the beautiful underwater world around us! All charters include free fresh pineapple and a lifetime’s worth of memories from a unique experience that should not be missed.

This boat snorkeling charter is perfect for novice snorkelers who want to experience a serene, beautiful area in just minutes. This all-inclusive one-hour tour includes exploring small islands and wreck sites by Snorkeling, fresh pineapple, water, and fins provided. Packaged with our two-hour Nature Cruise (includes unlimited drinks), this unique combo gives you plenty of options on how to spend your day! With both tours departing from Daytona Beach Marina in Florida at 10:30 am every Monday thru Friday, limited spots are first-come, first-serve, so book now.

Imagine a boat tour on the lush, tropical blue waters of Biscayne Bay. Throw in some playful dolphins and colorful fish as your pals. Have to be one heckuva memorable vacation. In addition to our 30 or 60-minute guided tours below, we also offer private lagoons homecoming for 6+ snorkelers that include all necessary gear and provisions – including a delicious fresh pineapple reward (sans fruit flies!).

Are you looking for some relaxation or adventure? We’ve got you covered! Charter our boat for a snorkeling experience in Roatan, Honduras. You will find underwater vast and stunning, with tons of fish and sea life to discover. This deal includes everything needed for the ultimate vacation: snorkel gear, mask, fins, fresh pineapple, and refreshing water. So whether it’s your first time or fifth trip here – we’ll see you soon.

Finally, the perfect day for your much-needed getaway! Hook up with your fellow friends and family to find some sunshine on one of our Mini Wilderness Adventures. Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing cruise or prefer adventure snorkeling through tropical seas, we’ve got an option for everyone. The ocean is just waiting to be explored: so don’t wait any longer. Why not spend your next vacation on a snorkeling charter that also includes the chance to see some of the world’s most remarkable marine life? There is no need for eye protection while exploring our underwater communities, as you will be tagging along with experienced professional divers. Jump in and explore at your own pace!