Snorkel Bob’s Maui, Hawaii is the perfect place for a snorkeling enthusiast. Experienced divers and beginners alike can find everything they need to explore underwater adventures at Snorkel Bob’s in Kihei on Hawaii Island! The prices are affordable for everyone as well – from novice adventurers just beginning their journey into this world of wonderment up to professional scuba equipment designers looking for that one missing piece.

Imagine the feeling of being in a new world, one where you are surrounded by an entirely different ecosystem. Breathe life into this ecological wonder with your eyes and get up close to it using our snorkel equipment! With these tools we will help you explore reefs that are home to colorful coral formations, tropical fish species, sea turtles, sharks—whatever catches your eye down below.

The water depths at Snorkel Bob’s allow for a more in-depth exploration of the ocean floor. You can see these serene creatures like sea horses below the surface and enjoy their beauty while they swim around you, free from barriers that would be found on land. There are a variety of sharks and rays seen at the bottom of the ocean which makes your experience more enjoyable. Many divers have been surprised to find beautiful coral reefs down there, too!

Snorkel Bob’s is a place where you can go to see the big fish. Fish such as Tuna and Marlin are only found in these waters near Kihei, so it’s great for those visitors who want to try something new or rare. If you want a relaxing stay at the beach, Snorkel Bob can hook you up with all of your gear and accommodations. They have rooms overlooking their gorgeous pool or ocean views that are perfect for cooling off after a day on the water!

Snorkel Bob’s offers a huge variety of ways to have underwater adventures, including exploring the waters without a snorkel or even with one. For those who decide not to wear goggles and mask in order to see better while swimming below them, there are professional instructors on site ready teach you how! If you are a beginner or if you’ve just returned from scuba diving trips, this might be the perfect opportunity for some swimming with fish lessons.

Snorkel Bob’s is the perfect place to see a variety of fish, but if you’ve never been before then it can be hard. You’ll have more luck on one of their guided tours where they will take you out and show you all sorts of amazing sea life!

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