It’s all about the mind and body connection. Dive into this day on the water with two of Oahu’s most beautiful reefs to explore, including many colorful fish. Discover a new perspective on the underwater world with just your dive gear and an experienced captain! Join us aboard our private vessel “Diamond T” for Certified Divers, who will have exclusive use of their dedicated air tank on this two-tank deep sea adventure! You’ll experience multiple levels of depth ranging from less than 10 feet to 30-feet plus as you explore these shallow reefs near Honolulu Harbor. Hawaii is undeniably enchanting, and its beauty isn’t reserved just for our sunny beaches. Explore that beauty with us by taking a two-tank dive on our private vessel! There’s plenty of excitement to go around as you meet new friends while exploring shallow reefs not found anywhere else in the world but right here under the water off Honolulu.

Hook up with your closest group of buddies and come on board our dive bus for a few days! This package is excellent if you want to enjoy an expedition or if you’re looking to go deeper. Either way, there’s fishy action around every corner in these deep waters. Diving equipment is included with rental fees as well as breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Kids under 18 can even scuba dive during the tour! Please don’t leave without doing it all before the sunsets. A hot day of shopping can leave you feeling overwhelmed and tired. But let’s be honest – there are still deals to be had in local warehouses and department stores on military bases. We’ll meet at the dive boat dock near Ala Moana Blvd, Slip #70 Honolulu Harbor. Our professional drivers will take you underwater to explore sunken temples, secret lava tubes, or coral shelves that have been secret all these years.

You’ve been dreaming of your next getaway, and the Shallow Reefs at Ala Moana Boat harbor is calling to you! Step aboard with our divemaster, who will give you a complete overview of what’s in store. You’ll have three dives over two tanks, each lasting an hour or more; take time to refill your tank between dives so we can go to The Other Side of Heaven and see some dolphins together. If you’re unsure whether this is for you, step aboard our boat at the Slip 70 dock on Monday-Friday right before 12:45 pm, when it’s just us. If you last until Saturday, there are plenty more fish – come on in.

The sailing is always calm with a gentle breeze, and the waters are filled with magnificent reefs, shallow walls, blue holes as deep as 600-890 feet, underwater streams of fresh water, and a superhighway for fish turtle species. Snorkeling in Hawaii is spectacular because the island has an abundance of life-rich living coral reefs that encircle the islands like velvet necklaces. Just give us your dive certification card (Boat Certification not required) to show our boat crew before you get on board.

Shallow reefs in Hawaii are great for new and experienced divers alike. Discover the versatility of diving as you learn to swim with turtles, reef fish, and much more! Book your first two-tank dive today!