Soul Community Planet is a group of people who strive to live their lives following the values of wellness, kindness, and sustainability. They don’t want you just dropping in for lunch, but rather make sure your stay is worth it– with all-inclusive amenities like local restaurants and fitness facilities at every property.

For those who are looking for a community that welcomes kindness, compassion, and healthy living as part of the daily routine, SCP is where you want to be. We pride ourselves on being one big happy family–which brings us together in times of need like any other nuclear or extended family would do.

SCP Hilo Hotel is the best place to stay when you’re looking for a little peace. Their guest rooms are designed with your comfort in mind, whether it be working on important business or sleeping off that jet lag from traveling halfway around the world. Not only do we have free wifi throughout our property so you can connect with work anytime, but also an infinity pool right by one of Hilo’s most scenic beaches where guests like you can relax while building their strength through swimming laps!

SCP Hilo Hotel believes it’s important not just to take from our communities but also to give something back. Through various projects like volunteering at schools or holding fundraisers during tourism seasons, SCP is able to make sure everyone who lives on Hawai’i Island has an opportunity for growth through education and financial support when needed most.

Soul Community Planet’s hotel, SCP Hotel has always been a place where guests can come to be refreshed. We want our clients to feel comfortable and at home during their stay with us. This is why we’ve created the Holistic Hospitality code from day one – it focuses on providing good, clean accommodations for all of Soul Community Planet’s valued customers that are fair priced as well! As COVID-19 continues wreaking havoc around the world throughout this last year or so now since its emergence in 2018, more than ever before people have started looking into ways they could make sure their health was being prioritized while traveling abroad.

Soul Community Planet offers a variety of hotels to suit every traveler. They provide their guests with the assurance that they will feel comfortable and at home while staying in any of our properties around the world, whether you are on vacation or business travel.

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