You will be picked up at Keneke’s Grill in your rental car. You’ll get instructions on all the different toppings and sauces to load onto your delicious burger, then know what to do next! We want to keep it simple so you can spend more time playing and less time thinking or figuring out where you should go next. Your goal is to get out into the water, and we definitely won’t tell anyone if you break a few rules we meant to have some fun. Now paddle towards that distant “player 2” to start this adventure of a lifetime. These 3 hours are dedicated just for you- no need for audience participation unless YOU WANT TO- so feel free to vocalize whatever comes naturally as these calls.

This cruising tour will take you through some of the most picturesque shorelines of Oahu while a knowledgeable guide shares with you the history and stories of this coastal gem. Your guide will take part in the paddleboard tour as well, so they can teach you firsthand how to navigate your way around rocks, rapids, and calm waters. The two hours are broken down between on-land instruction for a little over an hour before launching out into open water, where you can experience firsthand everything that Hanauma Bay has to offer.

With flat water and dense tropical rainforest as its backdrop, a standup paddle is one of the most exciting ways to experience this peaceful environment. The Kaaawa coast offers wide, calm tidepools perfect for children new to paddling or those looking for an introductory tour. Your drivers will be on site with all equipment so you can relax and enjoy every minute of your self-guided adventure.

Be sure to wear sunscreen and comb through your hair before you head out to enjoy this sunny adventure. You’ll be on the water for about 3 hours so bring a change of clothes (including swim gear) or anything else you might need. Our drivers will meet you at Keneke’s Grill, where they often use personal vehicles for the tours. After loading up with almost all of the necessary equipment, we’ll drive around the corner to Punaluu Beach Park and set ourselves up just in time for sunset over these crystal waters dotted with islands and humpback whales – known as one of Hawaii’s most spectacular natural wonders.

We have simple instructions to make your safety our priority. You can’t experience true Hawai’i without getting out on the water. Solana Safari offers self-guided tour packages, or an experienced guide can lead you and a small group of friends for a personalized experience. The Rainforest Standup Paddleboard Self-Guided Tour is 3 hours and includes the use of 2 boards, so it’s perfect for solo travelers or couples looking to paddle together. We’ll give you your route along with instructional videos in advance so that by the time we see you, you’re ready to go. Our Rainforest Tour offers a three-hour guided standup paddleboard excursion on two other beauties of the Hana coast, Kaneohe and Punaluu Black Sand Beach. You are free to surf or cruise as your energy dictates in this stunningly beautiful guide protected water; one moment, it’s laissez-faire, the next adrenaline-pumping adventure time.

Want to get a little more out of your Maui vacation? Live your days leisurely on the beach, all while checking some off your bucket list with our Rainforest Standup Paddleboard Self-Guided Tour! This tour allows you to explore one of Maui’s natural wonders and enjoy it like never before! Immerse yourself in the scenery that has been capturing tourists for decades. See sights seen by few others for miles around. Relax during an unhurried tour taking up to three hours! No need to worry about delays or navigating through congested areas – leave it up to us. Bring a swimsuit and sunscreen, so you’re ready when we arrive at Keneke’s Grill!